The Novel “Snow Crash” and Zuckerberg’s Meta

The 1992 novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is a book that has had great influence on Silicon Valley. This is especially true of Zuckerberg’s Meta, which is basically the manifestation of the novel’s dystopian world. In the article screenshots below, we find out that there has been a long-standing project among Silicon Valley tech giants to create their digital universe along the lines of the Stephenson’s warped vision of the future.

The correspondences don’t stop there either, as gematria helps reveal how deep it all goes.

The numbers 39, 12 and 120 reveal the ingrained numerical relationship between “Meta” and ‘Snow Crash.” The novel has been required reading for Facebook management, and has a strong theme of language as code, so there’s not much chance of there being a coincidence in the gematria.

Also consider that the name “Neal Stephenson” has 167 gematria, and 167 is the 39th prime number.

Stephenson disassociated himself from Facebook and Meta, on Twitter, October 29, 2021, the day after Zuckerberg’s announcement. Still, gematria never forgets.

This OMR article features a parody of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.” If you click the link to article, you’ll see human hand twitch in the looped video. How profound!
Tech journalists warn you about technology and pitch you to buy in within the same breath!

It’s interesting that this article was published on September 11, 2020, probably the most emotionally charged date in human history. Is OMR signaling an emergency, a 911 call for the world? Maybe, but there is the fact that September 11th leaves 111 days in the year. This links the date to the gematria of some very key terms. For instance, the words “computer” and “Internet” both have 111 gematria.

Another connection to the number 111 is the word “corporate,” which describes the nature of the Metaverse, with multi-national corporations holding sway over the rest of humanity in the “real” world and in the virtual world. In this scenario, the nation state, inalienable human rights and the rule of law are no longer applicable. The OMR article glosses over these facts in the screenshot below.

The avatar Hiro Protagonist in the virtual realm of the Metaverse.

The novel’s main character, “Hiro Protagonist,” has interesting gematria which correlates to the term “corporate feudalism,” which is the system that dominates the world of Snow Crash. It’s the form of control that’s preferred by the elite. The numbers 201 and 84 come up a lot when discussing the gematria of the Jesuits and their evil works.

Zuckerberg’s Meta and and the symbolism of Metatron

In ancient Hebrew mythology there’s a figure known as Metatron. The New World Encyclopedia tells us that he is mostly known through Jewish Kabbalistic texts. He is also said to have been the prophet Enoch before his transfiguration into an angel. The except from the Learn Religions website gives us a good summary of the beliefs concerning him.

The character of Metatron also plays heavily into the symbolism of the digital universe that Zuckerberg has been chosen to drop on the world, Meta. First off, all you have to do is drop the -tron, and there you have it, Meta.

Even the movie’s title, Tron, is taken from the last part of Metatron‘s name. It also has something to show us. In the image below the movie’s well known game grid is ever present reminder of the geometry and mathematics used to channel all of the energy, thought and action within the artificial universe of Tron. It’s a world of hidden controllers and visible enforcers, which has its parallel to the real world. Still, the world of Tron and the coming Metaverse are planned and regimented on a scale that is nearly unfathomable.

In Hebrew mythology Metatron is seen as the archangel of geometry and the scribe of God.

Metatron’s job is to translate God’s commands into being. For the ancients, that meant the physical universe. However, for Zuckerberg that means a corporately controlled Meta, a cartoon-like digital facsimile of the real world.

As we’ve covered in many blog posts, the cube of Saturn and the Metatron’s Cube are different ways of expressing the same idea, a symbol that attempts to encompass the Universe itself. The image above is from Meta’s YouTube page with the planet Saturn and the Infinity symbol prominently displayed.

Art this point, we should note that in gematria, the number 47 has supreme importance. It’s a number with correlations to the concepts of time, government, and astronomy. “Time” = 47, “Infinity” = 47, “Metatron” = 47, “Eon” =47, “Government” = 47, “Framework” = 47, “Foundation” = 47, “Structures” = 47, “Authority” = 47, “Persuasion” = 47, “Polestar” = 47, “Ursa Minor” = 47, and “Navigate” = 47.

So when Mark Zuckerberg checks off on the YouTube cover art design, we can see how they capitalized on the Saturn symbolism at Meta.

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Of course, Zuckerberg’s Metaverse won’t have the grandeur and splendor of divine sparks interspersed throughout, like the physical universe. No, the Metaverse will be ruled by the cold dead hand of corporatism and populated with millions of droneheads with googles, I mean, goggles.

Of course, the metaverse will need legions of programmers and mathematicians to “build” it. They’ve covered that connection with the gematria hook-up between “Metaverse and “Geometry,” which both equal 108 in English Ordinal.

For those who like to bring up coincidences, Meta’s corporate title “Meta Platforms Inc” has an obvious pattern in common with “Mathematics.” The same numbers 185 and 68 come up forwards and backwards.

If we consider that the word Metatron in Hebrew gematria has a value of 36, the words “metaverse,” “geometry,” and “goggles” also show the same symbolism in English gematria

The Hebrew gematria for the word “Metatron = 36.
Everybody’s doing it!

The basic grid plan of the metaverse is based on the Cartesian Coordinate System of Rene Descartes. The word “Cartesian,” relates to the school of thought that arose from his mathematics and mechanistic philosophy. That word also equals 36.

Digital Telepathy by the Numbers – 258 and 93

With the recent announcement of Meta by Mark Zuckerberg, it made me think of the concept of “digital telepathy,” which in my mind meant the use of technology to facilitate direct brain to brain communication. I found out from looking it up, that it’s been talked about in the media, and is something the engineers of evil have been pursuing for a while.

The New Age dream of a global brain is collectivized mentality on a global scale. Zuckerberg is selling this to the young as a game and a lifestyle with the promise, “This is going to be fun.”

A still of the animation of a tiger and a buffalo titled 'This is going to be fun'.

As we’ve discussed before, the Age of Aquarius is to be ruled by the planet/god/meme of Saturn. As we see in the gematria decode above, 93, the most prominent number for Saturn, also appears in the terms “global brain,” and Meta’s pitch of “This is going to be fun.”

The term “digital telepathy” also shares 258 gematria with the other key phrases we’ve been discussing in recent posts.

Yes, you too can be an Illuminati dronehead for the low price of your mind, heart and soul. Just put on the goggles and your EEG sensors and you’re all set!

Pfizer CEO Claims People who Resist Mass Covid-19 Vaccination Are “Criminals”

Pfizer holds the record for the most wrongful death lawsuits by any corporation in the history of the world.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the Philosophical Roots of the New Age Movement and the Age of Aquarius

One of the most prevalent catch phrases of the New Age Movement is’The Age of Aquarius.” The new agers and others believe that this coming era, based on astrology, will be a golden age of sweetness and light. However, they plan to get there by killing all those who oppose their collectivist worldview. Barbara Marx Hubbard was direct in this quote.

“One-fourth of humanity must be eliminated from the social body. We are in charge of God’s selection process for planet Earth. He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death.”

If you research the New Age Movement, you’ll find that Hubbard’s view is far from unique. In their anticipated Age of Aquarius, there won’t be any town hall meetings to hash things out. If you’re not hip to the vibe of their global mind trip, then you gotta go. In her world, it’s conform or die, because Barbara Marx Hubbard loves you !

New Agers doing what they do.

It’s also revealing to discover that Hubbard tells us she got ideas about “conscious evolution,” from the Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and his book The Phenomenon of Man. The excerpt from a speech Barbara Marx Hubbard made on May 7, 2015.

Hubbard tells us that Teilhard inspired her worldview with his idea of the noosphere as the global brain and the approaching “omega point.” According to Teilhard, this omega point occurs once the global brain “turns on.” Those of us who won’t get on their psychopathic wavelength are set to be turned off, so to speak, if Barbara Marx Hubbard were to have her way.

Notice how the terms that Teilhard coined, “noosphere” and omega point,” share 115 gematria with some other pertinent and troubling words and phrases.

The terms “Omega Point” and “Noosphere” share 115 gematria with “Lucifer,” “Masonic” “Killing” and the Jesuit motto “Ad majorem Dei gloriam.” The idea that their collective mindset justifies killing off those who can’t or won’t “evolve” into becoming “gods”–that’s about as Luciferian as it gets.

It should also be noted that Teilhard took part in the digs that led to the hoax of Piltdown Man, and is still a suspect in the whole affair.

Considering that Piltdown Man was used to promote Darwinian evolution for 41 years, we can see that Teilhard’s contribution of the dangerous ideas of “conscious evolution” also benefitted from the publicity.

The Piltdown deception was lionized in this 1915 painting by John Cooke 

During his lifetime, the Jesuits’ official stance toward Teilhard was that of plausible deniability. Nowadays, however, he’s an accepted voice of Catholic theology, at least among the last four popes, who have all spoken positively of him. This is despite the Catholic Church’s long neglected “warning” against his work.

If Pope Francis does end up lifting the “warning” as many new agers hope for, then the long established pattern of the Jesuits secretly promoting ideas they’ve censured in public will come full circle, once again.

Pope Francis speaking to his fellow Jesuits. The guy on the inside of the front row, stage left displays a triangle gesture for the camera.

Gematria, however, allows us to see through the public relations strategy. For instance, it’s interesting to note the the title of Teilhard’s most popular work has the Jesuit stamp of the number 201.

The number 201 is a constant Jesuit theme that begins with the gematria of Loyola’s designation, “Ignatius of Loyola,” and is continued in the title of the cabal of psychopaths he founded, “The Jesuit Order.” It only makes sense that “The Phenomenon of Man,” the would also share that number as well.

Although the controversy between Teilhard and the Catholic Church was well publicized, it’s clear that the Teilhard’s utopian vision of a spiritually unified world and the globalist agenda of the Jesuits coincide in the New Age movement. The Jesuits are masters of adaptation and will incorporate virtually any idea, as long as it contributes to their cause of total world domination and annihilation of any opposition, in the process.

Teilhard’s official birthday is May 1st, 1881 which coincides with the foundation date of the Bavarian Illuminati on May 1, 1776. Adam Weishaupt, the supposed creator of this secret society, was also Jesuit priest. The official story is that Weishaupt left the Jesuit Order before he started up the Illuminati. Part of his assignment must have been to seemingly oppose the Catholic Church, in order to win more adherents and power that could be manipulated by the Jesuits themselves.

For instance, just before the Illuminati was founded in 1776, Pope Clement XIV gave his blessing to the expulsion of the Jesuits from most of continental Europe in 1773. At that point the Jesuits needed the Illuminati to advance their goals of making the European nations pay for kicking them out.

Pope Clement XIV

There is no denying that the Jesuits and the Illuminati had interests that aligned with each other. The Order of Illuminati’s stated goals were to topple the crowns of Europe and create a World state and a new religion, in the process. No doubt, this was a group the Jesuits could work with!

Before Ignatius of Loyola founded the Jesuits in 1534, he was arrested and put on trial for as an Alumbrado, a member of the Illumined Ones of Spain, the Alumbrados. And so it has gone since the beginning, starting with Loyola himself. He was soon acquitted of wrongdoing, as most of spies and double-agents are.

Illuminati All-Seeing Eye with papal tiara, headpiece and kabalistic quill writing a lightning bolt on the Book.

After forming the Jesuits along the lines of the Alumbrados, Loyola went to Rome and met with Pope Paul III. There they sealed the deal with the Jesuits in control of the Illuminati project that has taken many forms since then. Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and the New Age movement and others are but offshoots of this alliance between Illuminism and Catholicism.

A gold coin with the all-seeing eye in the sun, and a Phoenix rising out of the ashes and the IHS. 1616 Saxon (German) Ducat.
A gold coin from Saxony with the All-Seeing Eye the Phoenix, and the slogan IHS – “In His Service”

In looking at the birth numerology of Pierre Teilhard, we see notable correspondences between him and the founder of the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt. As mentioned earlier, Teilhard was born on May 1, 1881, which was exactly 105 years after the founding of the Illuminati on that day in 1776.

Teilhard’s birthday, May 1, 1881 has 105 full method numerology.

The term “Order of IIluminati” also has 105 gematria, making another connection apparent. Even the date “May First” has 105 gematria within the four base ciphers.

In reverse full reduction, “May First” or 5/1 is literally repeated.

The Simple English cipher produces 111 for “May First” so this leads to the 666 value in English Sumerian.

Teilhard also spoke openly about pantheism, or nature worship in this quote,

My approach…would be…to narrow that gap…by bringing out what one might call the Christian soul of pantheism or the pantheist aspect of Christianity.iv

Pantheism is the basis of New Age thought as well, and is where Barbara Marx Hubbard gets her rationalization for genociding half the human race. The word “pantheism” also equals 105 as does “Masonry,” and “Zionism.”

Teilhard is also on record for stating, modern totalitarian regimes, whatever their initial defects, are neither heresies nor biological regressions: they are in line with the essential trend of ‘cosmic’ movement.

His published letters include another admission about the true nature of his thought and influence on people like Barbara Marx Hubbard.

 “Evil is not ‘catastrophic’ (the fruit of some cosmic accident), but the inevitable side effect of the process of the cosmos unifying into God.”

In the New Age model of pantheism, genocide is little more than weeding a garden.

“Fascism may…represent a fairly successful small-scale model of tomorrow’s world,” is a quote from Teilhard’s book Science and Christ.

As we’ve covered in previous articles, the Jesuit connections to Fascism and Communism are a matter of history. The total disregard for the individual, critical thought, free speech and human life are their well known characteristics. All of them have been carried over to the New Age movement. With this in mind, it’s probably no coincidence that Barbara Marx Hubbard and Pierre Teilhard both died in April 10th, 64 years apart.

When “April Tenth” is written out, it has full overlap with the word “Conspiracy” in all four base ciphers.