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Gematria: (n.) the practice of using alphanumeric codes to convey symbolic messages through the assigning of numerical values to letters.

  • originated over 4,000 years ago in Sumeria and Babylon
  • studied by Greek philosopher Pythagoras
  • remains a major theme in the spiritual practice known as Kabbalah
  • a symbolic language found in literature and other works of art
  • often abused by governments, big business and mass media for subliminal persuasion


A closer look at the film Angel Heart, and its murderous mythos of Lucifer in Louisiana

While watching Zach’s recent videos on how the LSU Championship year of 2019 turned out to be strangely familiar with its menacing overtones of behind-the-scenes black magic and ritual sacrifice , the film Angel Heart came to mind. This 1987 psycho-thriller by Alan Parker features Mickey Rourke, Lisa Bonet and Robert De Niro as Lucifer …

Bro. Rob Morris and Bro. John Hagee- Free-Masonic Agents for the End Times Conspiracy – Gematria Reveals Their Occult Connections

As revealed in the last post and video, Zedekiah’s Cave figures prominently in the contrived and completely stage-managed end times scenario that’s been uncovered thus far. The man-made cavern is also known as “King Solomon’s Quarries,” which explains the cave’s importance to Freemasonry. After some of my own digging, I discovered that the “Kentucky Grand …