The Number 28 – Power, Energy and “Big-Mo” [Excerpt from the Online Compendium of Gematria]


As I write this post, one of the things being talked about in the media is the hoax of the 28 missing pages of the FBI’s supposed investigation into the involvement of  members of the Saudi Arabian government in the 9/11 attacks.

These pages have been known about for 14 years. The people should at least be able to see 14 of the 28 pages–a page for every year of the cover-up, right? Why does it have to be the “28 pages?” How about just a page, for starters.

It’s curious that just after the attacks, a story immediately came out in the aftermath of destruction and trauma. Then, it was quickly buried and ignored by the mainstream media. Donald Trump bought it up with twisted facts and calculated cynicism when he claimed that “thousands” of Muslims were cheering in the streets of New Jersey on the morning of 9/11.

What actually happened is that the dancers in the original story weren’t Arabs at all, they were Israelis who were seen celebrating and shooting video and pictures from across the river in New Jersey. Eyewitnesses said they already had their cameras set up before the attacks that morning.  The men involved all worked undercover for a moving company, a well-used front for intelligence operations.

Police verified that at least two of them worked for Mossad, the Israeli version of the CIA.This article shows the documentation concerning how they were quietly released 71 days after their arrests for suspicious activity. It may have not all been pre-planned by Zionist and Masonic manipulators. There is the possibility of some instrument of Fate at work. I think that both Israel and Saudi Arabia are on the same team and were involved along with people in this country and others to pull off 9/11. Nevertheless, the gematria of key words and numbers shows another side to consider in this saga.

Israel in the English Reduction = 28 (9+1+9+1+5+3)
Dancers in English Reduction = 28 (4+1+5+3+5+9+1)

This number 71 fits perfectly with the number of days the Mossad agents were held. in police custody.
Mossad  in English Ordinal = 71 (13+15+19+19+1+4)

The cover for the operation was a moving company.
Mover in English Reduction = 28 (4+6+4+5+9)

The connections that one finds in the news on this are not arbitrary. The number 28 is also very important in Judaism and Hebrew history and. In Genesis 1:1, there are 28 letters in the first verse of the Bible. The important celebration of Birkat Hachama, “The Blessing of the Sun” occurs every 28 years, and is the occasion for thanking the Creator for his gift of the sun. It coincides with the Jewish concept of the sun’s 28-year cycle.

The first words of Isaiah 52:1 are, “Awake! Awake! Zion.”  The pattern that emerges with the number 28 here is interesting.

Awake! Awake! in English Reduction  = 28 (1+5+1+2+5   1+5+1+2+5)

Zion in the English Reduction = 28 (8+9+6+5)
It’s the Zionists who actually find their roots in the people known as the Donmeh, who were originally came from Spain after the expulsion of the Jews by Ferdinand and Isabella. Many of them settled in Thessaloniki, Greece, then part of the Ottoman Empire. This city is also called Salonika

Salonika in English Reduction = 28 (1+1+3+6+5+9+2+1)
The principal seat of the Sabbateans, or Donmeh Jews during the 1600’s up to the founding of Israel. 

Tel Aviv in  English Reduction = 28 (2+5+3+0+1+4+9+4)

Kibbutz ” in English Reduction  = 28 (2+9+2+2+3+2+8+0)

Eden in English Ordinal = 28 (5+4+5+14)

In the structure of the English alphabet, the 13th letter -m and the 15th letter -o together make the syllable -mo, which adds up to 28. This prefix has relatively the same meaning of as koakh in Hebrew, which also has a gematria of 28. This is a very important connection. For instance, words like. motion, mobile, movement are all action oriented words that carry the connotation of energy, confidence and power. Think about coaches, who know how to get the team motivated. Momentum is crucial!  Koakh is probably where the English word coach came from.

Behold! in English Reduction = 28 (2+5+8+6+3+4)

Big Mo in English Reduction = 28 (2+9+7    4+6)
Mo in English Ordinal = 28 (13+15)

When you have “Big-Mo” behind you, you can’t lose!

In Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the 28th degree is called the Knight of the Sun. One can readily see in the decoding of many words that sum to 28 in English also revolve around the themes of energy, strength and increase.

We are taught early on that people who are business-oriented are movers and leaders in their respective fields.People listen to them because they’re in charge of large amounts of cash. The gematria of 28 in English echoing the original meaning and numerology of koakh in Hebrew is quite remarkable.

This meme supports the idea that gematria is a
centuries old form of subliminal programming. Both
the words boss and crown have gematria
of 28. many words and concepts that involve
growth and power have gematria of 28. 

Boss in English Reduction = 28 (2+6+10+10)
In gematria, -S, the 19th letter is the only one that has to be reduced twice (1+9) then (1+0) to a single number. For this reason, when reducing, -S can equal either 10 or 1. For this reason, in boss, the -S’s are 10+10.  

Crown in English Reduction = 28 (3+9+6+5+5)

Leaders in English Reduction = 28 (3+5+1+4+5+9+1)

Afield in English Reduction = 28 (1+6+9+5+3+4)
This word is used as adverb to show a person’s location in a field during a hunt or in a battle. 

Bank in  English Ordinal = 28 (2+1+14+11)

Brinks in English Reduction = 28 (2+9+9+5+2+1)
One of the biggest security firms in the U.S., known for its armored trucks used to transport cash. 

FDR in English Ordinal = 28 (6+4+18)
The initials of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, remembered as one of the “greatest” presidents in U.S. history. The acronym FDR is very often the way he’s referred to by historians and the media.

Firm in English Reduction =28 (6+9+9+4)
A term that is often used to describe a business or corporation. 

Supply in  English Reduction  = 28 (1+3+7+7+3+7)

Grows in English Reduction = 28 (7+9+6+5+1)

The Cube in English Reduction = 28 (2+8+5   3+3+2+5)
The symbol that is most associated with Saturn and Saturn worship is the cube. It’s also interesting to note that in the Ptolemaic model of the universe, Saturn is the seventh planet and the Sun was considers the fourth. The human race has progressed and those ideas may be scientifically outdated, but psychologically and symbolically the relationships between 7 and 4 are still very important. Even America’s celebrated Independence Day comes on 7/4. The number 28, (7×4) and how it’s used symbolically is part of this story.  

In these next set of words, one can see that the creators of The Matrix movie series are aware of the numerological symbolism in gematria.When Morpheus explains how the people in their world are used as a power source from the body heat they produce, it becomes a metaphor that shows how much of the human race enjoys their false reality. They don’t care if they used by soulless machines as an energy source. With the rise of virtual reality, it’s no longer science fiction.

Man in English Ordinal = 28 (13+1+14)

Cubicle in English Reduction = 28 (3+3+2+9+3+3+5)
There’s that cube thing again. Keeping the world boxed in is all about the control of language, symbolism and communication.

Battery in English Reduction = 28 (2+1+2+2+5+9+7)

Future in English Reduction = 28 (6+3+2+3+9+5)

In the news article pictured to the left, the horrific phantasm  of the Matrix is actually considered as a logical  possibility in the real world.


I’ll be going through these and adding more terms and annotations. 

Rounds in English Reduction = 28 (9+6+3+5+4+1)

Roxer in the English Reduction = 28 (2+6+6+5+9)

Shine in English Reduction  = 28 (1+8+9+5+5)

Sparkle in English Reduction system equals 28 (1+7+1+9+2+3+5)

Lovely in English Reduction system equals 28 (3+6+4+5+3+7)

Evolves in English Reduction = 28 (5+4+6+3+4+5+1)

United in English Reduction = 28 (3+5+9+2+5+4)

Flair in English Reduction = 28 (6+3+1+9+9)

Ping in English Reduction = 28 (7+9+5+7)

Fang in  English Ordinal = 28 (6+1+14+7)

Feel in the English Ordinal = 28 (6+5+5+12)

in English Reduction = 28 (6+2+5+3+9+1+2)

Jedi in English Ordinal = 28 (10+5+4+9)

Thanks in English Reduction system = 28 with the -S exception (2+8+1+5+2+10)

Flatter in  English Reduction = 28 (6+3+1+2+2+5+9)

Lovers in English Reduction =  28 (3+6+4+5+9+1)

Ere in English Ordinal = 28 (5+18+5)
An archaic form of the word before.

This drawing shows a Hebrew gematria cipher that uses
the 28 finger phalanges of  the human hands for its structure.

The Star in English Reduction = 28 (2+8+5  1+2+1+9)
The 17th card of the Tarot is “The Star” which is very much about inspiration and faith in troubling times.

Electra in English Reduction = 28 (5+3+5+3+2+9+1)

Roland in English Reduction = 28 (9+6+3+1+5+4)

KRS One in English Reduction = 28 (2+9+1+0+6+5+5)

Air in English Ordinal system equals 28 (1+9+18)

Glide in English Reduction = 28 (7+3+9+4+5)

Gradual in English Reduction  = 28 (7+9+1+4+3+1+3)

Nadir in English Reduction = 28 (5+1+4+9+9)

Gutter in English Reduction  = 28 (7+3+2+2+5+9)

Ash in English Ordinal = 28 (1+19+8)

Has in English Ordinal = 28 (8+1+19)

Circus in English Reduction =  28 (3+9+9+3+3+1)

Saga in English Ordinal = 28 (19+1+7+1)

Mack in English Ordinal = 28 (13+1+3+11)

Truck in English Reduction with the K-exception = 28 (2+9+3+3+11)

Tag in English Ordinal = 28 (20+1+7)

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The Compendium of Gematria Is Now Online

I thought a good way to learn about gematria, history and culture together would be to compile what I’m calling “The Compendium of Gematria.”

It’s basically an annotated, color-coded glossary of all things DeepZone. That means hidden history and mythology and culture interpreted through gematria.

I’ve included a sample in this post so you can get an idea of what it looks like. To get there, just click The Compendium of Gematria tabs at the top of the page. They’re divided into sections there because it’s just faster when loading up the page. There’s not a whole lot on there yet, but there will be soon.

If you like what I’m doing here and you’d like to contribute, contact me at

ILLUMINATI in the English Reduction = 48 (9+3+3+3+4+9+5+1+2+9)

Truman Capote’s strange gestures
are well-known Masonic

Grand Master in English Reduction = 48

Brother Jack in  English Reduction = 48 (2+9+6+2+8+5+9+0+1+1+3+2)
The leader of the Brotherhood in Ellison’s IM.

Destroyer in English Reduction = 48 (4+5+1+2+9+6+7+5+9)

Explosion in the English Reduction = 48 (5+6+7+3+6+1+9+6+5)

Propaganda in the English Reduction = 48 (7+9+6+7+1+7+1+5+4+1)

Benevolence in English Reduction = 48

Truman Capote in English Reduction = 48 (2+9+3+4+1+5    3+1+7+6+2+5)


Rising Sun in English Reduction = 49

Revelation in English Reduction = 49 (9+5+4+5+3+1+2+9+6+5+0)

Bazaar in English Ordinal = 49 (2+1+26+1+1+18+0)

Gold Fever in English Reduction = 49 (7+6+3+4+0+6+5+4+5+9+0)

Gotham City in English Reduction = 49 (7+6+2+8+1+4+0+3+9+2+7+0)

Eternal Flame in English Reduction = 49 (5+2+5+9+5+1+3+0+6+3+1+4+5

Green in English Ordinal = 49 (7+18+5+5+14)

Animal in English Ordinal = 50 (1+14+9+13+1+12)

Sambo in English Ordinal system = 50 (19+1+13+2+15)

Black and White in the English Reduction = 50 (2+3+1+3+2+0+1+5+4+0+5+8+9+2+5)

 May 1 5/1 the founding date of the Illuminati 

EA in English Reduction = 6 (5+ 1) 

CONSPIRACY in English Reduction = 51 (3+6+5+1+7+9+9+1+3+7)

Adam Weishaupt in English Reduction = 51 (0+1+4+1+4+0+5+5+9+1+8+1+3+7+2)

In Cold Blood in  English Reduction 51 (9+5+0+3+6+3+4+0+2+3+6+6+4+0+0+0+0) The best-selling “non-fiction” novel by Truman Capote

Wine in English Ordinal system = 51

Founders Day in English Reduction = 51 (6+6+3+5+4+5+9+1+0+4+1+7) The first Founders Day refers to the October 11, 1782 proclamation by the Continental Congress, which celebrated the expected successful conclusion of the Revolutionary War. Various other Founders Day observances in African-American culture are important for fraternities and universities. In IM, Rev. Homer A Barbee’s commencement speech to the graduating class occurs on Founder’s Day. 

Goldcrest 51 from Memphis, TN in
the heart Dixieland. Probably a
coincidence, in this case,
but you never know. 

Batman in English Ordinal system = 51 (2+1+20+13+1+14+0)

Price in English Ordinal system = 51 (16+18+9+3+5)

Dixie in English Ordinal = 51 (4+9+24+9+5)

Demand in English Reduction system = 23 (4+5+4+1+5+4)
Supply in English Reduction system = 28 (1+3+7+7+3+7) Supply 28 and demand 23 add  up to 51.

Gold in English Reduction system = 20 (7+6+3+4)
Silver in English Reduction system  = 31 (1+9+3+4+5+9) Silver 31 and gold 20 add to 51.

Robert E. Lee in English Reduction = 51 (9+6+2+5+9+2+0+5+0+3+5+5)

Confederate in English Reduction = 51 (3+6+5+6+5+4+5+9+1+2+5)

Surveillance in English Reduction =51 (1+3+9+4+5+9+3+3+1+5+3+5)

Mars in the English Ordinal = 51 (13+1+18+19)

Masonic Sign in English Reduction = 51 (4+1+1+6+5+9+3 – 1+9+7+5) 
This phrase has very similar gematria to the word Conspiracy 51/123. That seems significant, because of the prevalence of signs and gestures in Freemasonry.

Blonde Moment in English Reduction = 51 (2+3+6+5+4+5   4+6+4+5+5+2)

Rome in English Ordinal =51 (18+15+13+5)

1. The word conspiracy equals 51 in gematria.
2. One of the most infamous conspiracies known to history, The Bavarian Illuminati, was founded on May Day, 5/1
3. The leader of the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt has name gematria of 51.

4. Area 51, the secret military base located in the  is another undeniable example of this kind of word play.
May Day was a huge holiday in the old USSR and still is in China. It’s also the date of the Druid holiday of Beltane, which is preceded by Walpurgisnacht on the night of April 30th, otherwise known as Hexennacht, or the Witch’s Sabbath.
When you decode Walpurgisnacht into its English translation you get this interesting sum,
Walpurgis Night in the English Reduction system = 76 Of course, 1776 was a big year not just for the U.S, but for the world.
In mathematics, there are recurring sequences when adding numbers, like the Fibonacci pattern of 2+3=5, 3+5=8, 5+8=13 and so on. 
Well, there’s another sequence known as Perrin numbers that has 119  preceded in the sequence by 51, 68 and 90. So, in Perrin numbers 51+68=119. The article is here.
Here’s another interesting connection, the number preceding 119 in the Perrin numbers sequence is 90.
Ninety in the English Reduction system = 33, which is, of course, the master number of Freemasonry and sun worship. 

New “Code Theory” Page Makes the Backstory of Gematria Easier To Grasp

Below are the contents of a new page at It’s really more for people who are new to gematria. However, the handy and stylish tables are designed for all practitioners and teachers of gematria. If there’s someone you know who needs to see it all in action to understand, feel free to download the tables, so they can get the help they need!

Everything you need to know to code and decode in the major systems of gematria is here!

It’s also important to keep this in mind. No matter what system one uses, the final sum will always reduce to the same single number, even across different systems of gematria. This shows that the various systems are interrelated and not scattered about to snatch numbers out of nowhere. There are discernable patterns that emerge in the way numbers fit together. Experience over time, will make this clear to the watchful observer.

The Number 95 with Special Guests 63 and 144 – Gematria Reveals Even More About The Poisonous Secrets of the Vatican and Fluoridation

When I began this blog about a year ago, I wrote a series of three articles on fluoridation in the United States. I wrote about the dangers of fluorine to the Earth and to human health.

I explored how the massive amount of industrial waste left behind through the use of fluorine in manufacturing and chemical processing created a huge problem for the industrialists of the early to mid twentieth century.

I investigated the propaganda and cover-up involved in the joint corporate and government campaign to promote fluoridation as a way to fight tooth decay.  I also showed the possibility that the real reason behind fluoridation is to damage and calcify the pineal glands of the masses. That may sound crazy at first but if you read the articles, you’ll see where I’m coming from.

Why is the pineal gland so important?

Here’s an excerpt from one of my articles on fluoridation.

… philosophers, yogis and shamans have claimed for centuries that the pineal gland is crucially important to our spiritual health. We see its symbology everywhere as it has been known as the “third eye” of the mystics since time out of mind. In the New Testament, both Matthew and Luke seem to allude to the pineal gland’s special role for humanity. In Matthew we read,

The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! [1].

          Manly P. Hall summed up this the ancients’ reverence for the pineal gland when he wrote,

It is a spiritual organ which is later destined to be what it once was, namely, a connecting link between the human and the divine. [2]

Manly P. Hall was a very interestingly informed philosopher. When one reads his book The Occult Anatomy of Man, which is where his preceding quote came from, it’s clear that the secret masters of the mystery schools of Masonry, Rosicrucianism and others have known something about the function of DNA, the pineal gland’s role of unlocking latent DNA, and many other things about the human body for a long time.

One sees the double helix motif throughout ancient art.  which is very similar to the structure of DNA under the microscope has been a part of religious iconography since ancient times. I’ve included a link to the pdf file of the book at the bottom.

The late Pope John Paul II with a crucifix staff adorned with a bronze pine
cone, or pigna

In the Catholic Church the symbolism of the pineal gland through the pine cone is quite pronounced. After all, the pineal gland is named after the pine cone, due to its shape.  I’ve included one picture on the left that bear this out. Links below at the end of the article will show even more connection to all of this.

Although the church fathers don’t speak openly about the power of the pineal gland, the visual symbolism tells us a lot. The numerological symbolism revealed through gematria tell us even more about what the higher clergy have really been hiding all these hundreds of years.

The true religion of the Initiated whether they call themselves, priests or masons or both, seems to be based on the pineal gland and its role in spiritual enlightenment and personal power. Put simply, with the evidence uncovered here, one has to consider that they want the knowledge of the pineal gland for themselves. Otherwise, the Church would be more open about the pine cone symbolism

Within the Vatican, one finds the Court of the Pigna, where there is a giant pine cone statue  flanked by two peacocks on either side. These figures are set into a huge niche which looks like a symbolic representation of the inside of a human skull with the pineal gland front and center in the form of a pine cone. In this setting, the peacocks famous markings take on new meaning as “the all seeing eyes of Hera.” The pine cone is by the 2nd century sculptor, Publius Cincius Salvius, who cast it for the emperor Hadrian’s tomb.

Bearing in mind, this was also the era of the mystery religions, like the cults of Dionysus and Sabazios. These religions apparently used the pine cone symbolism as a sort of advertisement for their practices of ecstatic worship. The pineal gland’s  function, appearance and importance were well known. The rituals were guarded secrets, but the pineal gland’s connection to spiritually was well-known.

One has to think that based on the prominence of the pine cone in Catholic art and history, that the essence of esoteric Christianity is kept from the laity, but it’s symbolism allows it to be hidden in plain sight. Here’s how some of the significant terms in this study breakdown in gematria. It turns out
95 is a very important number, after all.

The PAPACY in English Ordinal = 95 (20+8+5  16+1+16+1+3+25)

One of the more important of the numerous titles of the Vatican. It’s used in the political realm more so than the spiritual one.

 in English Ordinal = 95 (16+15+16+5+18+25)

A mocking term that denotes the same thing as the Papacy.

Pineal Gland in  English Ordinal system equals 95 (16+9+14+5+1+12  7+12+1+14+4)

I thought the Pope’s were done with the tiara.
Apparently, Ratzinger got a little carried away
 one day!

Papal Tiara in  English Ordinal = 95 (16+1+16+1+12  20+9+1+18+1)

I write more about the tiara’s symbolism a little farther down. Still, I need to mention that the appearance of the tiara is very similar to the cone shape of the pineal gland. With the gematria echoing the connection in the number 95, the pattern of correspondences is amplified. 

The Bronze Pine Cone in English Reduction = 95 (2+8+5  2+9+6+5+8+5  7+9+5+5+0+3+6+5+5)

This just cinches things up even more with the Popes and the pineal gland enigma. One important scientific fact about the pineal gland, or the third eye, is that it actually is a sort of eye. It’s sensitive to light and darkness. It starts secreting melatonin once darkness falls, to encourage sleep. It’s responsible for the release of serotonin, the “well-being” hormone. When one’s pineal gland is damaged from excessive calcification, depression, lethargy, hopelessness, and confusion are not far behind. People with healthy pineal glands tend to be well-rested, energetic, and confident. When one understands the problem, it gives one a new understanding of The Holy See, and See of Rome, which are among the Vatican’s many titles

Esoterica in English Ordinal = 95 (5+19+15+20+5+18+9+3+1)

All religions have an outer court of believers, a priesthood and a hierarchy of secrets. Esoterica is one of the terms for the knowledge that is guarded by the priesthood.

The College of Cardinals in English Reduction = 95
(2+8+5  3+6+3+3+5+7+5  6+6 3+1+9+4+9+5+1+3+1)

Those who are eligible to be pope and those who elect a new pope from within their ranks. How democratic of them. 

His Eminence in English Reduction = 95 (8+9+1  5+4+9+5+5+5+3+5)

When one is addressing or referring to the pope, the world is instructed to show proper respect and decorum. 

The number 95 is also important because of  Martin Luther’s Ninety Five Thesis that sparked the Protestant Revolution.

The year 95 A.D. is accepted as the latest possible date for the Book of Revelations.

In 595, Muhammad married Kadifa, the wealthy heiress. There are many controversial claims that will not go away about her being a former Catholic nun. Wherever the truth may lie, the Koran gives special attention and veneration to Mary, the mother of Jesus. The Koran defends her virginity and the immaculate conception of Jesus. Kadifa’s family, which had both Jewish and Christian members, were probably the source of the many verses that speak favorably of both those religions. Whether or not she was a Catholic, it is clear the manufactured conflict between Islam and the West is built on lies and misconceptions.

In 795, on December 25th, Pope Adrian I died. He was the 95th pope and died at the age of 95. His reign lasted twenty three years, which made him the longest reigning pope until the 18th century.

Oh look! They took the jewels of the tiara in the Pope’s logo.
He must really care.

Charlemagne is said to have written a poem in which he addresses Adrian as “father.”

That’s interesting because Charlemagne had a  passion for learning and respect for scholarship, but  his biographers are clear that he learned to read as an adult, he never learned to write very well at all.

Adrian was the first pope to claim fatherhood over kings with the support the infamous forgery known as the Donation of Constantine. The document claimed that Constantine, while he was emperor of the Roman Empire, had granted the Empire and the right of universal rule to the Pope Sylvester I.

The Donation of Constantine stated that the Pope had the right to wear the papal tiara, which was seen as the supreme symbol of world dominion. Although the church finally admitted to the forgery during the Renaissance, the last pope to wear the tiara was Pope Paul VI. It was discontinued in 1963, not because of the renunciation of the right to rule the world, but to foster an attitude of humility and to provide alms for the poor. This is disingenuous when one considers that the tiara is still featured on the logo of the sovereign state of Vatican City.

On Pope Francis’ personal coat of arms, the tiara has been stylized into a mitre with three bands. It appears along with a pine cone.The eight-pointed star of the pagan goddesses, and the suncrest of the Jesuits with the trademark IHS, are also prominent/ Predictable enough.

In 995, the Antipope Boniface was probably assassinated. His successor John XV became the first pope to canonize a saint. That’s important because before this time, recognitions of saints were spontaneous and localized events. Saints and their relics became big business in the pilgrimage trade soon after.

Antipope = 42 ER /96 EO
Freemason = 42 ER /96 EO

1095. – Pope Urban II called for the First Crusade in this year. The Crusades brought nothing but misery and destruction to mankind. The re-escalation of the conflict between Christianity and Islam in our world today is simply a continuation of the damage done during the Crusades. This era saw the rise of the secret societies The Knights Templar, Knights of Malta and the Priory of Sion. Muslim groups like the Ismailis, the Assassins also flourished. Many believe that the organizations that carry those names in the 21st century are directly descended from Urban’s call for the Crusades.

The Priory of Sion  in English Reduction = 95 (2+8+5   7+9+9+6+9+7  6+6  1+9+6+5+0)

Until the release of Holy Blood, Holy Grail not many people had ever heard of the Priory of Sion. For those who have not seen the movie The DaVinci Code, the organization’s stated purpose is to preserve the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalen.

1295 – Scotland and French sign the Treaty of Paris, which commences what became known as the Auld Alliance. This relationship between Scotland and France had a profound effect on history in the early modern period with the Stuart clan taking refuge in France after the English Revolution. The story of the Stuarts is a fascinating one, and it’s one I’ll be taking up soon. But for now, here’s a another sync in the neighborhood.

Auld Alliance in English Ordinal = 95 (1+21+12+4   1+12+12+9+1+14+3+5)

1595 – Over the span of this year, some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays were written and/or staged for the first time: Romeo and Juliet, Love’s Labour’s Lost, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Richard II and Two Gentlemen from Verona, and The Taming of the Shrew.  I can’t get into all this now, I’ll be here until tomorrow morning!

1795 – On September 5, 1795 or 9/5/1795, the United States and the Barbary States of North Africa signed the Treaty of Peace and Amity. It was one among many that were broken. The British eventually dealt the Barbary States their final goodbye to history in 1816.

1795 was also the year and the title of Mary Robinson’s poem January, 1795

… Titled Gluttons, dainties carving ;
    Genius, in a garret, starving ! …

        …   Ladies gambling, night and morning;
              Fools, the works of Genius scorning ! …

Everything is so different now compared to then.

So back to what I meant to cover when I started this post!

Since 2000, it has been scientifically established that fluoride causes calcification of the pineal gland. Dampened mental activity and diminished moral capacity are the result. In short, fluoride makes you stupid. It’s been linked to cancer, alzheimer’s, heart disease and stroke, too. The links to the sources are here.

Still, the big question is, when did the fluoridators–the men who brought in this monstrous system–when did they know about the calcification of the pineal gland and other organs?

The company that in large part, along with others that pushed hardest for fluoridation of municipal water supplies is the aluminum giant ALCOA. By all appearances the plan was to market the poisonous fluoride for healthy teeth.

The meeting might have gone something like this.

“They’re demanding that we get rid the fluoride safely!”

“ha-Ha! No way!”

“Tell the saps fluoride fights cavities! We’ll pour it down their throats, one drop at a time!”

That would be enough to make any peppy pineal person start their own blog and drink distilled water.

Yet, what gematria has to reveal is even more damningly sinister.

ALCOA in English Gematria = 95 (1+30+3+60+1)

Pineal Gland in English Ordinal = 95 (16+9+14+5+1+12  7+12+1+14+4)

Pentagram in English Ordinal  = 95 (16+5+14+20+1+7+18+1+13) 
Henri Moisson is the “scientist” who discovered the process of isolating extremely volatile fluorine, which is a poisonous and explosive foul-smelling yellow gas. It might have killed him eventually, but not before he won his Nobel Prize for Chemistry  in 1906. 
Nineteen hundred six  in English Reduction =  95 (5+9+5+5+2+5+5+5  8+3+5+4+9+5+4  1+9+6)
Moissan’s name doesn’t come up too often in the fluoride conspiracy discussion but that needs to change. 
Henri Moissan

Henri Moissan in English Reduction = 63 (8+5+5+9+9   4+6+9+1+1+1+5)
Henri Moissan in the English Ordinal =144 (8+5+14+18+9   13+15+9+19+19+1+14)

Fluoridation in English Reduction = 63 (6+3+3+6+9+9+4+1+2+9+6+5)
Fluoridation in English Ordinal =144 (6+12+21+15+18+9+4+1+20+9+15+14+0)

The match on the numbers, the lineage, the homage to the discoverer of the “savage beast among the elements” is there to see.

Pineal Priest in English Reduction = 63 (7+9+5+5+1+3+0+7+9+9+5+1+2+0)
Pineal priest in the English Ordinal  = 144 (16+9+14+5+1+12+0+16+18+9+5+19+20+0)

This is my added flourish on my interpretation of one who protects the priesthood’s interests by poisoning the masses with fluorine. Who knows, maybe they thought of that too already!

His Excellency in English Reduction =63 (8+9+1   5+6+3+5+3+3+5+5+3+7)
His Excellency in the English Ordinal = 144 (8+9+19   5+24+3+5+12+12+5+14+3+25)

One the titles for the pope and other sovereigns like kings. It’s a bad business. If the popes really cared about the health of the world, it’s living creatures–human being for God’s sake–wouldn’t they use the position to stop fluoridation and hold polluters accountable? Even mainstream science now classifies it as a neurotoxin. I think the numbers show why it’s not as high on their list. I just googled Pope fluoridation, not a peep from the Popes. No tweets from the Temple. Not a word

 Manly P. Hall’s  The Occult Anatomy of Man

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