From Ferguson to Baton Rouge to Dallas: Gematria and Weaponized Cultural Symbolism Used in Elite’s Agenda of Control 7| 22| 44 | 84 | 88 | 34 | 57 | 25 | 77

Soros profits when the nations tremble.  His financing of civil unrest
fuels his short sells and speculation.
The amount of 33 million is
 yet another masonic reference.

Many of the posts on this site deal with the direct provocation of a race war by the ultra rich against America. I’ve documented how the pattern of financial support for front groups from the super wealthy to incite violence and chaos in the name of “revolution”  was laid out in the 1952 novel, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

I’m linking those articles at various points of this post for additional understanding about what’s going on right now with people like George Soros, who use their wealth and status to exploit racial and political tensions for financial gain and control.

I’m not ignoring the fact that grievances and anger about racism and prejudice are not often justified. What I’m pointing out is that we as individuals have to recognize the propaganda of hate and agenda of destruction for what it is.

In the final chapters of Invisible Man, the nameless protagonist discovers who is pulling the strings of “the Brotherhood” that he works for. They were the very people the Brotherhood were supposedly fighting against at the ballot box and in the factories, the super wealthy capitalists.

At the end of the novel Invisible pleads with the crowd to stop rioting and go home because of how they’re being used to fuel an agenda.

No!… They want this to happen. They planned it. They want the mobs to come uptown with machine guns and rifles. They want the streets to flow with blood: your blood, black blood and white blood, so they can turn your death and sorrow and defeat into propaganda.

Even though I’m an outsider looking in, and my findings may be circumstantial and speculative, I have to say the blueprint from Invisible Man is still around in a big way .When the evidence revealed through gematria stacks up, then we have to begin the hard questions about where the truth really is to be found.

The Dallas Ambush of 7-7-16, involving alleged shooter Micah Xavier Johnson, was supposedly provoked by the reported killing of Alton Sterling on July 5th two days before in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

This chain of events, along with another dubious video, purported to show the killing of Philando Castile in Minnesota by police, we are told, led Gavin Long to kill three police officers back in Baton Rouge on his birthday 7-17-16.

This picture of Micah Johnson has lot to unpack.
The numbers on the address the license plate
and  the colorful dashiki all have a story to tell.

I hate to have to use all of these critical adjectives for the coverage of this narrative, but given the track record for truth in the media, from the politicians and the billionaires who control the game, one has to maintain a sense of doubt and irony about it all

Soros and his allies in the elite are the true adversaries in the divide and conquer racket. We should never forget that. The police as a general rule do a good job of  protecting society. But the orchestrated provocations whether they are of the false flag or hoax variety need to be stopped.

The quasi-official image of Micah Johnson shows him in front of a hair salon with his clenched fist raised in a purple and gold dashiki.

In the immediate aftermath, it was reported that Johnson used it as his Facebook profile image. It’s an interesting picture to say the least.

Oswald’s head still looks like it was 
pasted onto the rest of the character
holding Marxist pamphlets and guns. 

One has to take into consideration the allusions to history. The ambush took place in downtown Dallas, close to where Kennedy fell.

This picture of Johnson above on the left has a sinister similarity to the infamous snapshot of Oswald on the right. Both photos show signs of being staged and pre-planned for public consumption.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Johnson bought his dashiki at a community rally about a year ago and wore it conspicuously at several other occasions at other community events.

Johnson’s pattern of behavior leading up to his demise is similar to Oswald’s canvassing for the Fair Play for Cuba movement, in New Orleans, during the time leading up to the Kennedy assassination.

Oswald was even interviewed by the local news at the time as seen here in this video.

The narrative of the loner assassin seems to call for the sniper to implicate himself symbolically. Oswald with his Fair Play for Cuba skit.

In the case of Johnson, the pictures that have come out in the WSJ do that as well. You can even see the rack where Johnson bought his dashiki for the cameras. He’s even shown alone and sullen on the fringes of a local festival in one picture.

Micah Johnson in the purple and gold dashiki he was photographed in for several
occasions in the months leading up to the assassination. 

A picture showing Micah Johnson  in the right foreground that appeared in the WSJ. The possible manipulation of
public perception into some kind of race war narrative has to be considered. here. We are being led to believe that Johnson’s apparent brooding over his hatred  occurred all over Dallas before the shocking spectacle took place on 7/7/16.

If you’re not familiar with gematria and how letters, words and phrases are turned into numbers and symbols, then read this section. I try to illustrate my perspective first by detailed interpretation of what the physical facts have to say. Then I look for the hidden connections that come through with the numbers.

Gematria has been around for thousands of years. It’s primary use has to bind believers to religious dogma and mythology. It has been used by governments throughout time to sway the masses toward long predetermined paths of social direction.

It’s use is evident in advertising and all forms of corporate propaganda. Zach Hubbard has been all over this for quite a while. His site is here.

Just as the veracity of Oswald’s Marxist revolutionary pic has been called into question by researchers, the quasi-official image of Johnson looks staged for the sake of symbolism.

The address, 4484, underlined and divided in yellow, as shown below, is provocative for several reasons.

If you break it into two numbers, 44 and 84, then the symbolism implied here is ominous, once one considers that 4-4 is a combination that occurs throughout American history. It never seems to show up in a good way.

4-4 or April Fourth, was the first day that an American president died in office, William Henry Harrison in 1841.

It was the day that the song “Dixie” was first performed, April 4th, 1859.

It was also the day that MLK was shot in 1968, a year after he gave his “A Time To Break Silence” speech on April 4, 1967.

April 4, 1865 marked Lincoln’s entrance into the defeated Confederate capital of Richmond. That very night, Lincoln claimed he had a dream of his impending death.

Ten days later on April 14, 1865, according
to history at least, Lincoln was assassinated by Booth.

44 also has a connection to JFK since the Texas School Book Depository, the building that the media claims Oswald shot Kennedy from was located at 411 Elm Street.

The World Trade Center first opened its doors on April 4, 1974.

There are many words and phrases with 44 gematria that are directly connected to actions and images associated with death and killing.

Kill in English Ordinal = 44 (11+9+12+12)

Shooting in English Reduction = 44 (1+8+6+6+2+9+5+7)
Gunfire in English Reduction = 44 (7+3+5+6+9+9+5)
Execution in English Reduction = 44 (5+6+5+3+3+2+9+6+5)
Lone Gunman in  English Reduction = 44 (3+6+5+5   7+3+5+4+1+5)

The agenda of control is also evoked through the number 44.

Police State in English Reduction = 44 (7+6+3+9+3+5   1+2+1+2+5)
Military in English Reduction = 44 (4+9+3+9+2+1+9+7)
Influence in English Reduction = 44 (9+5+6+3+3+5+5+3+5)
Manipulated in English Reduction = 44 (4+1+5+9+7+3+3+1+2+5+4)

Prophet in English Reduction = 44 (7+9+6+7+8+5+2)

Micah is the name of one of the Old Testament prophets and Micah Johnson is said to have predicted the end of the world in the shootout on 7-7.

And last but not least, Clint Eastwood’s character Dirty Harry laid down the law with his tone-setting .44 Magnum Revolver.  

The fact that 44 is combined with 84 in this image gives us even more ominous clues about what the next big event could be. That is, if things continue along the pattern established through the symbolism and timing that we’re seeing.

Obama’s publicized birthday is August 4, 1961, or 8-4-61. If the oligarchy really wanted civil war then Obama’s fake assassination would be the way to do it.

So for the sake of documentation and discovery I’m including this link to another post about the Obama-84-Invisible Man connections connections before, which you can read about in this article.

There, I discuss the connections between Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man and George Orwell’s novel 1984. I also go into how the continuity of government plan known as Rex-84 is like a mash up between the two novels with racial unrest triggering full martial law. The existence of Rex-84 cannot be denied since it was documented on television during the Iran-Contra hearings during the Reagan administration.

In Orwell’s 1984, the populace is controlled through fear, violence, hate and propaganda. That’s not too far from what we’re headed for in 2016.

United States of America in English Reduction = 84 (3+5+9+2+5+41+2+1+2+5+1  6+6 1+4+5+9+9+3+1)

Divide and Conquer in English Reduction =  84
(4+9+4+9+4+5  1+5+4  3+6+5+8+3+5+9)

Invisible Man was published in 1952.
Nineteen Fifty-Two in English Reduction = 84 (5+9+5+5+2+5+5+5   6+9+6+2+7   2+5+6)

Why are there no real journalists asking about these overt numerological metaphors?

How are we supposed to believe that Obama’s birthday 8/4 and the address 4484 and the April 4th date of MLK’s assassination all in the address in the background of  a Facebook for a profile pic by a Black nationalist sniper has not been noticed by at least one historically literate journalist?

Here’s a few other connections they’ve missed.

Purple and Gold Dashiki in English Reduction = 98 (7+3+9+7+3+5  1+5+4  7+6+3+4  4+1+1+8+9+2+9)

Prophet in the English Ordinal = 98 (16+18+15+16+8+5+20)

Oligarchy  in English Ordinal = 98 (15+12+9+7+1+18+3+8+25)

I know it seems it seems far-fetched and it will hopefully never take place.  It’s something that must never happen, whether it’s staged or not.

Yet, regrettably when you look at how people have been able to breach security on numerous occasions at the White House.

 It’s also happened while Obama has been abroad in recent years, like the gym photos at the hotel in Poland. There’s been scandal within the Secret Service and all of the sets up a scenario that is troubling.

There’s even been an ex-congressmen Joe Walsh saying Obama and Black Lives Matter “better watch out” and even worse.

These divisive stories being put before the public on TV and the Internet are changing our society and promoting hate and violence.

There’s more in the other article along those lines, but for now I want to get back to decoding Micah Johnson’s picture discussed above.

As I pointed out earlier, the purple and gold dashiki is part of Johnson’s branding in the public eye. Through gematria we can see some astounding parallels between it and Johnson and Obama.

Dashiki in English Reduction = 34 (4+1+1+8+9+2+9)

Micah in English Ordinal = 34 (13+9+3+1+8)

Xavier in English Reduction = 34 (6+1+4+9+5+9)

Purple in English Reduction = 34 (7+3+9+7+3+5)

When you add up the letters without reducing,

Dashiki in English Ordinal = 61 (4+1+19+8+9+11+9)
Obama was born in the year 1961.

Purple and Gold in the English Reduction = 64 (7+3+9+7+3+5  1+5+4  7+6+3+4)
Barack Hussein Obama in English Reduction = 64 (2+1+9+1+3+2   8+3+1+1+5+9+5   6+2+1+4+1)

Purple and gold have a connection to Baton Rouge since it’s the home of LSU with its school colors.

It’s where Alton Sterling was from and where another reported shooting occurred Sunday morning 7-17-16.

Johnson started wearing his purple and gold dashiki around Dallas about a year before all this began happening. That might be a coincidence or maybe not, in  light of everything else.

I’m not in any suggesting the LSU Tigers are part of a cabal. However, when there are connections on a symbolic level I will continue to point them out. Sports teams create powerful impressions in people’s minds and may be part of the larger pattern of propaganda at work.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana in English Reduction = 84  (2+1+2+6+5  9+6+3+7+5  3+6+3+9+1+9+1+5+1)

LSU Tigers in English Reduction = 40 (3+1+3  2+9+7+5+9+1)

Forty in the English Ordinal = 84 (6+15+18+20+25)

The word COLORS underlined in purple in the photo also looks like part of the symbolism.

Colors in English Reduction = 28 (3+6+3+6+9+1)

Other ways of looking at 28 might include two 8’s like 88, or even 118. It seems like a stretch at fist but both those numbers 88 and 118 are strongly present in the decoding in this cycle of events.

28 has numerous significant connections that I discussed in my last post here.

Dallas, Texas in English Reduction = 28 (4+1+3+3+1+1  2+5+6+1+1)
Micah Xavier Johnson in the English Ordinal = 208 (13+9+3+1+8  24+1+22+9+5+18  10+15+8+14+19+15+14)

In numerology, it’s common practice to drop zeros most of the time when calculating and reducing. So, there’s another possible link with 208 and 28 that we see here. With the timing right after Independence Day July 4th, 7-4 or 7 x 4, the symbolism is embedded. On the Fourth of July, flying the colors is part of the celebration.

Independence Day in English Reduction = 74 (9+5+4+5+7+5+5+4+5+5+3+5  4+1+7)

This latest escalation in the divide and conquer game began right after the Fourth, so I think it bears pointing out.  I wrote this article back in March where I decoded the front cover of Invisible Man.

You’ll see that message I deciphered from the title and the images was pretty accurate in what it said about a how July 2016 would be a culmination of the race provocation agenda.  It wasn’t entirely specific about times, but I figured whatever was going to happen would be on, or between 7-4 and 7-14, which is what took place for the most part.

Let’s not forget that August Fourth occurs on the zodiacal calendar during the time of  Leo.

Leo in English Ordinal system = 32 (12+5+15)
Barack Obama in English Reduction = 32 (2+1+9+1+3+2   6+2+1+4+1)
America in the English Reduction = 32 (1+4+5+9+9+3+1)

The number 32 matches up with the shooter’s last name.
Johnson in English Reduction = 32 (1+6+8+5+1+6+5)

The first day of Leo is July 22nd, or 7-22. Lincoln was pronounced dead at 7:22 am on April 15, 1865.

There’s something else interesting about the relationship between 7 and 22. If you divide 22 by 7 you end up with  3.142857... a figure that closely approximates Pi. It’s a special number that measures circles with precision, but mystifies the human mind with its complexity.

Pi may never be fully solved, because nodiscernable pattern of remaining divisors has ever been discovered. It’s considered a holy number in most religions because of it relationship to the circle, and cyclical patterns like the calendar and zodiac.

These ideas may seem archaic to modern minds but it’s important to bear in mind that the Kennedy assassination occurred on 11-22-63, the first full day of Sagittarius. The Brussels attack occurred on 3-22-16 the first full day of Aries, and so on.

I’m not making any predictions but 7/22/16 seems to be a day to look for.With the GOP convention in Cleveland this week, and the acquittal of the police lieutenant in Baltimore, there could be another escalation of some kind. I still believe that the chances are,  nothing will happen,. That is sincerely what I’m hoping does happen, nothing.

Either way, I’m going to keep looking for answers.Still, with the way things are going, who knows? I notice interesting things while I decode and I write about them. I’m trying to learn as much as I can, that’s all.

For starters, In the first scene of Invisible Man, the main character listens to a recording of Louis Armstrong’s “What Did I Do To Be So Black and Blue?”  It was the first song by an African-American artist about the damaging effects of racism. It has been a hallmark of American music history ever since

It was recorded on July 22, 1929. On July 22, 2016, it will be 87 years or 31,777 days since it was recorded.

Clinton in English Ordinal = 87 (3+12+9+14+20+15+14)

It’s  laid out pretty neatly with this connection, but we’ll see. Frankly, I don’t  think this election matters very, so don’t interpret this as a recommendation..

The number of days 31,777 seems significant, first of because of 177 is embedded with gematria matching Obama’s birthday and and the title of his biography, Dreams of My Father.

August Fourth in English Ordinal = 177 (1+21+7+21+19+20  6+15+21+18+20+8)

Dreams of My Father in English Ordinal = 177 
(4+18+5+1+13+19   15+6+0+13+25  6+1+20+8+5+18)

The date of Johnson’s reported ambush is 7-7. Ten days later on 7-17 Gavin Eugene Long reportedly shot and killed three officers back in Baton Rouge.

Gavin Eugene Long  in English Reduction = 77

Supposedly, Alex Jones coined the phrase below, which is another way of expressing the idea of divide and conquer. I don’t use English Gematria very often but sometimes it brings out interesting connections.

Left-Right Paradigm in English Gematria = 777 (30+5+6+200  90+9+7+8+200  70+1+90+1+4+9+7+40)

And of course when you’re playing the slots, Triple 7’s is what you want to see!

The numerology of the date of the original recording is very interesting


  • 7+22+19+29 = 77
  • 7+22+1+9+2+9 = 50 
  • 7+2+2+1+9+2+9 = 32 

Once again as a reminder, to show how the date numerology matches up with the relevant gematria,

America in English Ordinal = 50 (1+13+5+18+9+3)
Black and White in English Reduction = 50 (2+3+1+3+2  1+5+4   5+8+9+2+5)

America in English Reduction = 32 (1+4+5+9+9+3+1)
Barack Obama in English Reduction = 32 (2+1+9+1+3+2+0+6+2+1+4+1)
Johnson in English Reduction = 32 (1+6+8+5+1+6+5)

The theme of COLORS that’s so prominent in Johnson’s photo is also there to be found in 1929, the year Armstrong recorded “What Did I Do I Do To Be So Black and Blue?”

Black in English Ordinal = 29 (2+12+1+3+11)
White in English Reduction = 29 (5+8+9+2+5)
Yellow in  English Reduction = 29 (7+5+3+3+6+5)
Violet in  English Reduction = 29 (4+9+6+3+5+2)

Just before Johnson was said to have died, he supposedly wrote the letters RB to stand for the Red, Black and Green of Black nationalism.

Red Black in English Reduction = 29 (9+5+4   2+3+1+3+2)

RB could also be seen as a reflection of BR, the initials for Baton Rouge. After all. the action did flip back to there ten days later.

Here’s what the numerology of 7-22  looks like 87 years later in 2016.

  • 7+22+20+16 = 65
  • 7+22+2+1+6 = 38
  • 7+2+2+2+1+6 = 20

Land of the Free in English Reduction = 65 (3+1+5+4  6+6  2+8+5 6+9+5+5) 

White in English Ordinal = 65 (23+8+9+20+5)

Black Lives Matter in  English Reduction with the -s exception = 65 (2+3+1+3+2 3+9+4+5+1  4+1+2+2+5+9)

We might also consider that it was in 1865 when Lincoln died at 7:22, just after the conclusion of the Civil War. 

The numbers 38 and 20 are also important in the color symbolism.

Gold in English Ordinal = 38 (7+15+12+4)
Gold in English Reduction = 20 (7+6+3+4)

Death in English Ordinal  = 38 (4+5+1+20+8)
Death in the English Reduction = 20 (4+5+1+2+8)

These symbolic numbers connect strongly with the COLORS theme from another angle in the picture here. On the license plate of the car there are the letters CMR.

CMR in the English Ordinal = 34 (7+13+18)
CMR in the English Reduction = 16 (7+4+9)

The entire visible part of the license plate could be written out and added up like this.

Texas CMR Thirty One in the English Reduction = 84 (2+5+6+1+1   3+4+9  2+8+9+9+2+7 6+5+5)

We’ve been over 34 and 84, and their this story, but it’s crazy how they keep popping up so often!

Here’s some more emotionally charged words with matching gematria for 16 and 34 that point right to the agenda I’ve been discussing.

Hate in the English Reduction = 16 (8+1+2+5)
Cage in English Reduction = 16 (3+1+7+5) 16 ER /16 EO /16 EG
Kook in English Reduction = 16 (2+6+6+2)

Murder in  English Reduction = 34 (4+3+9+4+5+9)
Sinner in English Reduction = 34 (1+9+5+5+5+9)
Bloodbath in English Reduction = 34 (2+3+6+6+4+2+1+2+8)
Shocker in English Reduction = 34 (1+8+6+3+2+5+9)
Destroy in  English Reduction = 34 (4+5+1+2+9+6+7)
Hostile in English Reduction = 34 (8+6+1+2+9+3+5)
Violent in English Reduction = 34 (4+9+6+3+5+5+2)
Anarchy in English Reduction = 34 (1+5+1+9+3+8+7)
Hate in  English Ordinal system = 34 (8+1+20+5)

Moving along…

In the song “What Did I Do To Be So Black and Blue?” there is this phrase,

Black and Blue in English Ordinal = 88 (2+12+1+3+11  1+14+4  2+12+21+5)
Black and Blue in  English Reduction = 34 (2+3+1+3+2   1+5+4   2+3+3+5)

In today’s world “black and blue” is used to designate the police which is another layer of association to analyze.

Just as the gematria of 34 links up the words purple, Micah, Xavier, and dashiki, 88 has these connections.

Purple in English Ordinal = 88 (16+21+18+16+12+5)
Purple in English Reduction = 34 (7+3+9+7+3+5)

The 1988 movie Colors was released on April 15, 1988. It’s theme revolves around racial and gang violence
and young African-American getting in trouble with the police. April 15th is the day Lincoln is said to
have died from gunshot wounds back in 1865.

There were then days between the Dallas event on 7-7 and the second Baton Rouge shooting on 7-17.

Ten Days in English Ordinal = 88 (20+5+14  4+1+25+19)
Ten Days in English Reduction = 25 (2+5+5   4+1+7+1)

Trump in English Ordinal = 88 (20+18+21+13+16)
Trump in English Reduction = 25 (2+9+3+4+7)

I haven’t discussed Trump in this post but he’s front and center at this time, like the other actors. With 88/25 gematria in his name, he’s look to be part of the unfolding story as well. The tombstone left in Central Park a few months ago is not a good sign either, as far as a hoax shooting is concerned.

On the parking lot pic of Johnson, The letters underlined in orange are ONS on the left edge and RE on the right edge. I’m going to show why I think the cropped out letters may be an anagram for Ensor, James Ensor the painter who created this disturbing piece called The Assassination in English and L’Assassinat in French.

Ensor’s painting is based on his interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, “The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar.” In Poe’s story, Valdemar consents to be part of an experiment to see if and how long a person could remain in a state between life and death through the use of mesmerism. .

“The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar” in English Reduction = 114 (2+8+5  6+1+3+2+1   9+5+0+2+8+5   3+1+1+5   6+6   4   4+1+3+4+5+4+1+9)

Mesmerism in English Ordinal = 114 (13+5+19+13+5+18+9+19+13+0)

Even the gematria of 114 derived from the title of Poe’s short story, and it’s theme both connect back to the gematria of 44, since 11 x 4 = 44.

In Poe’s story Valdemar is close to death from tuberculosis, which is partly why the poor character consented to the experiment. The doctors have to wait for the precise moment before death for the hypnotism to take hold of his mind and spirit.

However, in the painting, the doctors wear masks with expressions of mechanical butchery. They are not waiting for their subject to die on his own. Skeletons play macabre music while the mob looks on with cruelty and laughter.

It’s curious to consider that when Poe published the original work, he did not inform his readers that the story was fictional. The country at the time was abuzz with the new fad of mesmerism. One scientific journal of the day carried an article about a surgeon using the practice successfully during a surgery.

For these reasons, many people fell for the gag, which Poe kept going for some time. It was a hoax that fooled even some supposedly scientific authorities. When Poe finally admitted it, there was a lot of mockery in the newspapers of those “good matter-of-fact citizens” who were fooled.

Hoax in English Reduction = 21 (8+6+1+6)
Dallas, TX in English Reduction = 21 (4+1+3+3+1+1  2+6)

Ensor’s title for the painting in both English and French also have interesting connections.

The Assassination in English Reduction = 58 (2+8+5  1+1+1+1+1+1+9+5+1+2+9+6+5)
Freemasonry in English Reduction = 58 (6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5+9+7)

The Assassination in English Ordinal = 193 (20+8+5  1+19+19+1+19+19+9+14+1+20+9+15+14)

193 is the 44th prime number.

Ensor’s painting with its original French title also has an interesting gematria profile.

L’Assassinat in English Reduction = 26 (3  1+1+1+1+1+1+9+5+1+2)
Ensor in English Reduction system = 26 (5+5+1+6+9)

In numerology and gematria 26 is known as the “God number”

God in English Ordinal = 26 (7+15+4)

L’Assassinat in the English Ordinal = 134 (12+1+19+19+1+19+19+9+14+1+20)

When you spell out the word for 84 and sum the letters you get 134.
Eighty Four in English Ordinal system = 134 (5+9+7+8+20+25   6+15+21+18)

I’m also noting that Ensor was one of founding members of Les XX, or “The Twenty,” a group of painters who were in revolt against the art establishment of the time.

 Les XX in the English Ordinal = 84 (12+5+19+0+24+24)

The striped colors on the pants of M. Valdemar and the blood on the sheets gives us the two colors, red and white.

Red and White in  English Reduction = 57 (9+5+4   1+5+4   5+8+9+2+5)
Red and White in English Ordinal = 111 (18+5+4   1+14+4   23+8+9+20+5)

Edgar Allan Poe in English Reduction = 57 (5+4+7+1+9   +3+3+1+5   7+6+5)
Edgar Allan Poe in English Ordinal = 111 (5+4+7+1+18  1+12+12+1+14   16+15+5)

Micah Johnson  in  English Reduction = 57 (4+9+3+1+8+0+1+6+8+5+1+6+5)
Black Nationalism in English Reduction = 57 (2+3+1+3+2+0+5+1+2+9+6+5+1+3+9+1)
Invisible Man in English Reduction = 57 (9+5+4+9+1+9+2+3+5   4+1+5)

Black Panther in English Ordinal  = 111 (2+12+1+3+11  16+1+14+20+8+5+18)
Illusion in English Ordinal = 111 (9+12+12+21+19+9+15+14)

Looking back on the year in light of the recent travesties, Prince’s untimely death on 5-7-2016 at the age of 57 takes on added meaning. The country responded with huge swaths of purple everywhere in the wake of the news. With gematria we can see the links are not arbitrary. Predictive programming through color symbolism is happening around us and it’s something we need to pay attention to

If we go back to the biblical allusion for a moment and tie in 44 with Micah Chapter 4 verses 1-4, which contains the famous prophecy of Jerusalem becoming the seat of  a one world government. In the end times, Micah prophesied that the nations would “beat their swords into plowshares” under the rule of the chosen people, the Jews.

The people who want to project this archaic worldview onto our situation now are the Zionists and Christian fundamentalists who love this kind of mythology.

It serves to justify, globalism Western intervention and neocolonialism in the Middle East.

As poetry it’s inspiring.
The human heart that’s full of love, understanding and forgiveness can be seen a New Jerusalem, where justice and mercy reign.

As a political doctrine, it’s a recipe for war.

It’s also interesting that The United Nations has a sculpture based on this concept of world peace through political domination which many think really amounts to a world tyranny so powerful and absolute that no resistance would be possible. That’s the elite’s idea of world peace!

Micah Chapter Four in English Reduction = 84 (4+9+3+1+8  3+8+1+7+2+5+9  6+6+3+9)

United Nations in English Reduction = 57 (3+5+9+2+5+4   5+1+2+9+6+5+1)

Gun confiscation and martial law have been on the globalist to-do list for a while. A race war would give the UN an excuse to step in. It’s been discussed by many before and the 57 connections just covered pare part of the same pattern.

“Let Us Beat Swords into Plowshares” in English Reduction = 118 (3+5+2  3+1  +5+1+2  1+5+6+9+4+1  9+5+2+6  7+3+6+5+1+8+1+9+5+1)

Dallas, Texas in English Ordinal = 118 (4+1+12+12+1+19   20+5+24+1+19)
Baton Rouge in English Ordinal = 118 (2+1+20+15+14+0+18+15+21+7+5)

Here are links to some of the articles I used to research this piece, in no particular order.

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