NASA – By the numbers: Daphnis Moon of Saturn, Classic case of Saturn wor…

Dezy’s work here is excellent. As he points out again and again, the numbers NASA puts in their reporting to the public about planetary science are not all that scientific. This is especially true when one discovers that the same numbers have connections to Saturn worship. Check it out!

NASA – By the numbers: Daphnis Moon of Saturn, Classic case of Saturn wor…: Realm of Daphnis – link Saturn  = 19+1+20+21+18+14 =  93 (Ordinal) When we look at Daphnis in Greek mythology we can see that it’s …

Encyclopedia of Gematria contributions by +Dezy XI

January Nineteenth in Atbash Red. (Reversed Reduced) = 93 ( 8+8+4+6+8+9+2 + 4+9+4+4+7+4+4+4+7+1 = 93

Jet Propulsion Laboratory in English Reduction with -s exception = 119 (1+5+2 7+9+6+7+3+3+10+9+6+5+3+1+2+6+9+1+2+6+9+7)

Milky Way in English Ordinal = 119 (13+9+12+11+25 + 23+1+25)

May Sixth in English Ordinal = 119 (13+1+25 + 19+9+24+20+8)

Hellenistic copy of statue depicting
Pan seducing Daphnis with his

In the article Dezy mentions that in Greek mythology, Daphnis and Pan were both sons of Hermes. Pan fell in love with Daphnis and taught him to play the Pan pipes. Another name for the Pan pipes is the syrinx.  

Syrinx in English Reduction = 37 (1+7+9+9+5+6)

Daphnis in Atbash (Rev. Red.) = 37 (5+8+2+1+4+9+8)

Encyclopedia of Gematria: The Number 69 and the Fire Bombing of Dresden – Reader Contribution

Some numbers and terms seem to have strong connections to fire, satanic rituals, and burnt offerings. I recognized the number 69 in some of these events.

I tend to say these holocausts, which actually means “burnt sacrifice” are for Baal, which equals 96 in English Gematria. What is more likely and more troubling is how the words “Jehovah” and ” Yahveh” have 69 gematria.

Jehovah is a medieval corruption of the Hebrew word transliterated usually as “Yahweh.” However, since Hebrew uses -v or vau in place of the -w, it might be more accurate to transliterate “Yahweh” as “Yaveh.” When this correction is taken into account, the relationship to gematria and history comes through clearer.

Jehovah in English Ordinal = 69 (10+5+8+15+22+1+8) 33 ER / 69 EO / 51 -v except. / 95 Francis Bacon
Yahveh in English ordinal = 69 (25+1+8+22+5+8 ) 33 ER / 69 EO / 51 -v except. / 95 Francis Bacon

Dresden in English Ordinal = 69 (4+18+5+19+4+5+14) 33 ER / 69 EO / 95 Francis Bacon
The very similar gematria for Jehovah, Yahveh and Dresden should tell us that there is more than meets the eye in the brutally unnecessary, and horrific bombing of Dresden.

The article linked here shows that there was no strategic reason for the attack, which claimed the lives of an estimated 37,000 civilians. The wind and the wood construction of the old town created a fire storm that sealed the fate of the city’s people. As the article admits, “not even the passage of time can make it right.”

Remembering the Dresden Holocaust, February 13-15, 1945, it’s necessary to mention that it happened during the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia on Feb. 15.

Lupercus is a Roman fertility god who is identified with Pan
Lupercus in English Sumerian = 690 (72+126+96+30+108+18+126+114)

There definitely appears to be a connection between the Judaism and Rome when comes to the numbers and the date of the bombings.

The date February 13, when of the bombings of Dresden began, is the where the Roman calendar marks the Ides, which is essentially the full moon in the middle of the month. The Ides were marked on the 15th day for March, May, July, and October , the months with 31 days. The 13th day marked the Ides in the other months. by +Ti!WaZz

Gematria Scrapbook: Hieroglyphic Number Art Makes Gematria Come Alive Before Your Eyes

Egyptian hieroglyphics possessed a rich store of visual symbolism.

One of the main differences between our world and that of archaic man is how we communicate. The first city builders did not have the alphabet in the way we understand it.

 Their speech was not written out in letters and words. Instead, scribes had to draw out pictographs that looked something like what they were writing about. In Sumer and Babylon they used cuneiform, and in ancient Egypt, it was hieroglyphs. 

The progression from pictographs towards the alphabet based on phonics was gradual and not a clean break in any sense of the term.  The Egyptians and Babylonians were moving in that direction already based on the necessity of saving time.

Sumerian cuneiform must have
taken a steady hand.

When the Canaanites began using and spreading the knowledge of the alphabet, the original pictographs that had come to represent sounds were replaced with more abstract characters. When you’re at the dock with hundreds of tons of wine and oil ready to be shipped, you don’t have time to draw pictures. Because of  this, writing lost most of its connection to the visual world.

Ever since that time around 1500 B.C., our letters and have stood for the sounds of the words they make. The hieroglyphic nature of letters is still there, but you have to study it in books and analyze to get the whole story. The “Ah” for the -a sound “buh” for -b, and so on are all we usually consider in using letters and words to communicate.

Arabic numerals, the ones we use today still have kept more of their pictographic quality of the centuries. For instance zero is a circle with a space in the middle, symbolizing “the fruitful void.” The other numbers have similar stories to tell.

It’s with these things in mind that +The Infinity Man has created, what I think, is a new genre of  art. It might called “numerograhics” or just “number art.” If anyone come up with a cooler name for the genre, please let me know!

The screenshot on the left is one of Infinity’s first works.What I like about it is the spirit behind it– a new way of looking at numbers, art and symbols.

If you’re like me, you can see the possibilities of this genre. So I’m going to include this excerpt from Infinity’s post that helps break it down. 
The images at the bottom are those that can be made by mirroring parts of the image on the top left.

There are two methods:

1 In the method I describe [on the left]  the low numbers are doubled in separate rows, and then go to the higher numbers that are also doubled. EG: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

2 The one where instead of starting at low numbers, you start at the high numbers. These are also doubled and then lower numbers, too. EG: 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

In following the second method you should get a totally different image.What I mean by double or more is that there are in the string of numbers, more 1’s or 2’s or whatever number is more prevalent in the simple gematria

Congratulations to The Infinity Man for this new style of number graphics! I think the important thing at this stage of development is to play around with some different ways of doing number art. The possibilities are limitless. 

Gematria Scrapbook: Venice’s Connections to Ancient World through Gematria and Symbolism

Thanks again to +Ti!WaZz for the eagle eye on the symbolism and the history of Venice. Venice was stamped in the image of the Phoenicians. Venetians…Phoenicians…it’s always been there in front of us but academic scholars are sometimes too smart for their own good, when they fail to point out the obvious connections. 
As TiWaZz shows us, there’s a lot to consider with ancient Egypt as well. It would seem that the cult of Aten, the tyrannical sun-god of the Hyksos Pharaohs has much in common with Yahweh, the Hebrew version of Aten. The Venetians used religion as a weapon through the Reformation, Counter-Reformation and the Wars of Religion that reminds us of the dogmatism and repression of the” Heretic Pharaoh,” Akhenaten

Many think he was the last of the Hyksos kings, and the basis for the story of Moses. In any case the similarities between the Venetian gondola and the Egyptian Nile river boat are undeniable. The slender hull with the stylized bow and stern are also virtually the same. 

The Internet occult propaganda animation short called I Pet Goat II employs this symbolism as well. 
Solar boat = 31 English Reduction | Venice = 31 ER 
I just started using the Gematrinator site for reverse gematria otherwise known as the Atbash cipher, which reveals a lot of hidden connections missed by other forms of gematria. For instance,
Gondola = 32 English Reduction / 31 Atbash  |  Venice = 31 ER / 32 Atbash
The type of vessel that most Venetian cargo was transported on for much of its long history was called an argosy. 

Argosy = 31 ER / 32 Atbash

The Numbers of Venus and Venice and the Star Code of Lady Gaga’s 2017 Super Bowl Performance

In the last blog post, I explored the connections Lady Gaga has with the theme and symbolism of Venice and the old Italian commedia dell’arte character Columbina. These correspondences to one of the most corrupt regimes in history also unfortunately apply to the the United States and the present Western elite as a whole. The Venetian methods of domination through stealth and ruthlessness are their playbook.

It’s also no accident in the irony that the military aspect of the world system is run from the District of Columbia, which is supposedly named after Christopher Columbus. However, Columbus’ name has been shown to be a pseudonym. According to Columbus scholar Manuel Rosa, Columbus was the son of  Polish king, Wladyslaw III Jagiellon,

who fought against the Ottomans at Varna in 1444 and was subsequently exiled to Madeira, where he lived under the assumed name of Henrique Alemão (Henry the German) and married a Portuguese noblewoman…descended from the Italian Colonna family of Pope Martin V.

The masks that History wears are many, indeed. Still, if we trace the origin of the name Columbus, it  goes back to the same root word as Columbina. Both words come from columba, which is Latin for dove. Columba is also a constellation. As such it’s connected with Noah’s Ark and the story of Jason and the Argonauts, who go on a quest to find the Golden Fleece. I’ll be returning to that a little later.

More importantly in this case the dove has long been a symbol of the pagan goddess of love Aphrodite/Venus. Lady Gaga capitalizes on this mythological trope every chance she gets.

 At Super Bowl 2017 last week
she started off her act with a short medley of” God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land” while wearing a Columbina mask. Then she seemingly dove from the roof of the football stadium. As shown in the last article, the stunt was a tribute to the annual  Flight of the Lady ceremony during Mardi Gras in Venice. It also important to note that “the doves of Venice,” the ones that roost in bell tower of San Marco cathedral where Columbina begins her descent are also world famous in their own right.

Lady Gaga with her doves.

With all of these cultural allusions to the doves, planets and stars, it comes as no surprise that Lady Gaga wrote a song in tribute of Venus the goddess and the planet. The following lines from Venus tell us to look into the astrology for a full interpretation of the ritualistic importance of the 2017 Super Bowl event.

Goddess of Love
Neptune, go
Now serve Pluto
Saturn, Jupiter
Mercury, Venus, uh ha!
Don’t you know my ass is famous?
Mars, now serve for the gods
Earth, serve for the stars!

 Not exactly the best lyrics but they show that Lady Gaga and the oligarchy that gave her one of the biggest stages in the history of the world probably had astrology in mind with the scripting for this night.

I’m not an astrologer so I’m not going to be able to catch everything but when I realized that Venus and Mar were in conjunction in the sign of Aries it made me recall an old song by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Sitting in the stands at the sports arena
Waiting for the show to begin
Red lights, green lights
Strawberry wine
Good friend of mine
Follows the stars
Venus and Mars are alright tonight.

Lady Gaga atop the stadium with drones for the fake red and blue stars. The  Mars-Venus conjunction is alluded to with the red stars symbolizing Mars and the blue ones flying in for Venus. 

If we follow the stars of  Lady Gaga on the night of February 5, 2017 from her point of view they were alright and then some! In astronomy, when two heavenly bodies are no more 5 degrees apart from our earthly perspective, they are said to be in conjunction.  In astrology a conjunction is seen as a positive alignment since the planetary energies flow more strongly into each other.

However with Venus and Mars both in Aries, this usually means that Venus’ harmonic balance is taken over by the aggressive tendencies of Mars. When I was researching this aspect, I found this video by British astrologer, John Wadsworth. According to him, a Venus-Mars conjunction in Aries portends a  “a day of impulse,” where “you might jump into something.” [my emphasis]

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mars. In this light Aries symbolizes “beginnings,” “force,” “creativity,” “ambition,” and “drive.”  It’s symbol has been a Ram since ancient times because of the spring equinox, which is the time of year the ewes gave birth to their lambs.

Here’s some relevant gematria that helps to tie a few things together.

Aries = 25 English Reduction | Aries = 52 English Ordinal | Aries = 205 English Gematria
Once again the date of this event was 2/5. In most of the world February fifth is written as 5/2. Lady Gaga was born on March 28th, which makes her an Aries.

Earth = 25 English Reduction | Earth = 52 English Ordinal
This event was seen by 117.5 million people all across the world, they claim.

Heart = 25 English Reduction | Heart = 52 English Ordinal
The first song of Lady Gaga’s latest album Joanne has a song entitled “Diamond Heart.” It happens to be the first song on the album. It’s length is documented at 3:30. Diamond = 33 ER

Pope = 25 English Reduction | Pope = 52 English Ordinal
On the day of 2/5/2017, Pope Francis was the first pontiff to ever make a Super Bowl speech. He opened up his short address by saying, “Great sporting events like today’s Super Bowl are highly symbolic…” Truer words were never spoken.

Vatican = 25 ER | Roman = 25 English ER | Rite = 25 ER / 52 EO
In the Catholic Church the time from Lent through Easter Sunday. This year Easter occurs on April 17, 2017.

…These are discoveries I just made…
The date numerology for Easter 2017 breaks down as 58/31/22.

4 + 17 + 20 + 17 = 58
4+ 17 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 31
4 + 1 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 22

Those numbers correspond to Lady Gaga’s gematria and that of the words star and Venice, a major motif in the symbolism of her performance.

Lady Gaga = 31 ER / 58 EO | Star = 13 ER / 22 ER -s exception / 58 EO | Venice = 31 ER / 58 EO

Lady Gaga’s halftime show hand  giant
half-submerged inverted  stars flanking the stage.
The connections are coming into even clearer now. Lady Gaga is named after a minor Mesopotamian deity called Gaga. Click on the link if you don’t believe me.

Easter comes from another Babylonian goddess called Ishtar. Despite what some on Internet do to confuse the matter, the Anglo-Saxon pagan Ēostre was essentially the same goddess because both are symbols of Venus, the morning star. 
Lady Gaga is a Catholic herself, and although they have not appeared together yet, both she Pope Francis made separate appearances on Super Bowl Sunday. Another one of those “highly symbolic” moments. 
In fact, the word star probably ultimately derives from the the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. As Venus, she’s the goddess who rises in the east , that word being the other part her name, just before the appearance of the Sun. 
I have to include these Carpenter Key screenshots on the right.
For those who are not aware of the Carpenter’s Key, it is the most penetrating and revealing form of word analysis there is, in my opinion.  +MightyMesser is the originator of the Carpenter Key. Click on the Carpenter Key Database and the Code Theory tabs at the top of the page for information and download links.

In CK, both Ishtar and April Seventeen have a four cross-way sum of 1776. That’s an important number in American and world history.  The next blog post will further explore these ideas. I just wanted to share the numbers on that I know those are going to be exciting topics for discussion.

Aries begins in the month of March, on the 21st.
For the Catholic Church, the build up to Easter Sunday is their busy time of year. It pays the bills. The forty days of Lent this year begin on March 1st, or 3/1, a date that echos Lady Gaga’s gematria of 31. The month of March is named after the planet Mars, who was also the Roman god of war. The Greeks knew him as Ares, a word that provides the basis Aries, the sign that symbolizes this astrological month .

Aries = 25 English Reduction | Aries = 52 English Ordinal | Aries = 205 English Gematria
March = 25 ER / 43 EO 

Ares = 16 ER / 25 ER -s exception / 43 EO – Greek god of war

Mars = 15 ER / 51 EO – Roman god of war
Lent = 15 ER / 51 EO – 40 days of fasting, self-sacrifice and ritual purification

Clearly there’s a lot going on with Mars and Venus. To make matters even more intriguing, on March 25th of this year 2017, Venus begins a brand new cycle when it passes between Earth and the Sun. March 25th also happens to be the day Venice claims as its founding date in 421 AD.

I did a little math and found out that in the 1,596 years since it’s founding, on March 25th of this year, Venus and Venice will be on their 999th cycle together. That’s an interesting number to say the least. It’s just one way from 1,000 and visually it’s 666 upside down.

From the point where Venus is invisible to the naked eye and closest to Earth,  it’s in front of the sun. In astronomy, this is called an inferior conjunction Starting from there and going all the way through and back again to the same point takes a total of 584 days. At the beginning of the cycle Venus is in retrograde and progresses slowly.  However once she pulls away from the direct rays of the sun Venus becomes the bright morning star or Lucifer, which is Latin for “light bringer.”

After passing behind the Sun in the middle of her cycle, known as the superior conjunction, Venus soon begins to rise after sunset as the brightest “star” in the night time sky, especially in the hours just before dawn. After a few months, Venus runs ahead of the Sun, from our eyes at least, and falls from view for about three to four weeks.

Every time that happens the astronomical metaphor of Lucifer ” the light bringer,” on one side “the fallen angel” on the other comes into view.  The pattern is stable, regular and rational in a scientific sense, and has been known of for thousands of years.

However, this simple and elegant natural process is also tragically fraught with theological complications when a literal-minded interpretation is used out of fear and religious dogma. The diagram on the right shows how 5 consecutive cycles of Venus, plotted out on a star chart, creates a five pointed pattern, otherwise known as a pentagram.  It takes 8 years, minus 2 days and 8 hours. for Venus to complete the pentagram.  This link for has a lot of helpful information that helped me while researching.

The 5 conjunctions in 8 years calls our attention to 5 and 8. Both numbers are next to each other in the Fibonacci sequence. In music 8 is an octave of 1, which makes 5 and 8 a perfect fifth interval. Mother goddesses in antiquity were often portrayed with both 5 and 8 pointed starts. As we’ve seen already 58 is connnected to the word star in gematria.

 Venice was a maritime empire that was based on trade and international financial control through its network of banks, and the monopolies it help over the vital commodities of the day, gold, silver, wool, silk, spices, etc.  

When one considers how the financial oligarchs today’s world  use debt, speculation, and market manipulation as weapons against the people, not much has changed. Increasingly, they’re even going back to the practice of throwing poor people into debtor’s prison for nonpayment of petty fines.

The Venetians also had an evil reputation for psychological warfare and occult practices to keep their subjects under the thrall of religious strife and spiritual enslavement. I’ll be addressing all of these in this and upcoming posts.