Part VI of the Purple Connection: Snoop Dogg’s “Lavender” – Is the Video Predictive Programming for A Fake Hit on Trump?

The Purple Connection just took an ominous turn with “Lavender,” a video collaboration between rapper Snoop Dogg, video director Jesse Wellens and the jazz combo, Bad Bad Not Good. In the video, Snoop acts out a “mock assassination” ritual by firing an old stage prop pistol that flares out a “BANG!” banner.

In this screenshot from the Snoop Dog video Lavender, the rapper shoots the clown president, Ronald Klump, with a stage prop pistol. This was a mock assassination ritual of Trump that echoes many other media stunts related to this ongoing narrative. The parking space circled on the right is numbered 25. Trump = 25 in English Reduction gematria.
 The point where Snoop pulls the trigger is at 3:06. The word lavender equals 36 in ER.

Snoop’s target in the skit is an actor with clown make-up and wig in parody of Trump. Seen from a wider perspective, this publicity stunt is actually another case of possible predictive programming for Trump’s time in office being cut short by a contrived scandal or even worse, a fake assassination false flag operation. Regardless of one’s opinion of Trump, an event like this would cause a great deal chaos and suffering in an already divided country. If this video was the only instance of this kind of completely irresponsible use of the media, then we could settle for this being a sad coincidental convergence of vainglory and stupidity in Trump’s image and Snoop’s response.

In this screenshot of Marilyn Manson’s video “Say 10,” the upside down 33 pattern of the fake blood drizzled on the concrete.
The number 33 is evocative of Manson’s earlier son Kill Kill: 33 “Kill King Thirty Three” = 88 [Septenary]
TiWaZz’s meme from November 9, 2016

However, the news has been full of these types of stories that seem to predict Trump’s exit from the stage. Marilyn Manson’s video teaser “Say 10” [Satan] was released on Election Day November 8, 2016. It shows a man in a suit much like the one Trump often wears, lying in a pool of blood, decapitated.  That really makes “Say 10” much more sickening than Snoop’s brand of poison programming.  The blood stains on the concrete make a pattern that looks a lot like the number, 33.

Say Ten = 33 Reversed Reduced (Atbash)

Brian Whiteley is the artist responsible
for the Trump Tombstone “prank.”
According to Wikipedia, Whiteley
is credited with the dubious honor
of starting the recent evil clown
 scare craze.

It almost seems like Manson had inside knowledge of who the winner of the presidential election would be, since he went to the time and expense of making a video for the event. Still, he could have just gotten lucky. Maybe there’s a Hillary victory song and video Manson did for the 2016 election, but I doubt it.

There’s also the case of the”Trump Tombstone” as it’s been called. Pictured on the right, you see the artist Brian Andrew Whiteley posing with the tombstone he deposited in a remote section of Central Park. The article linked above explains how he came back into possession of it after his “prank.”

These are but a few of the examples one finds everywhere regarding the coding found in the media coverage regarding the predictive programming that’s been evident since the creators of Back to the Future modeled the character Biff on Donald Trump.

Now that lavender has been called upon in this song to further the subliminal purple poison propaganda program, we should spend a little space going over its history and symbolism. Lavender, besides being a bright tint of purple it’s named after the family of purple flowers that carry this distinctive hue. It has been used since ancient times for its pleasant scent, medicinal properties and flowery sweetness in pastries and wedding cakes.

The name for the flower comes from the Latin word lavabantur, which means “to wash.” There’s a lot of color and herbal symbolism associated with this property of lavender. In the first scene of the video, the suburban clown character is washing up in the bathroom. The edit cuts away to the refrigerator with bills attached that say “Overdue,” and “Final Notice,” implying the theme of  karma, the cleaning up accounts and settling of debts.

Lavender = 36 ER | Overdue = 36 ER

The final call, see reparations but we took it
For all of the shit you motherf*ckers done did
Now it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun, ha
Motherf*ckers, trip this

That’s the gist of what Snoop is really driving at in the lyrics above. It’s time for reparations to settle the score left over from slavery, as far as he’s concerned. We don’t really have time to untwist that tangled knot, but one can see how the song plays to the idea of retribution and resentment.

Lavender’s cleansing and antiseptic properties have been appreciated since ancient times. This is reflected in the fact that in Wiccan and neo-pagan rituals, lavender is used for cleansing negative energy in smudge sticks along with sage. Lavender is also famous for it’s properties of sexual arousal, and is recommended for use in sex magic rituals. This fact is important in understanding how all of this might fit together. In the occult theology from archaic times, death, sex and fertility are all part of the same cyclical pattern.

“The Lovers” from the Crowley Thoth Tarot deck
depicting elements of the “Mass of the Phoenix,”
a ritual Crowley devised for the OTO. 

We’re calling this pattern The Rite of Phoenix because of the first historical record of it from Sumer. In that ancient land, the phoenix palm dates were the most important agricultural product, along with wheat. The fertility rites of Sumer were meant to ensure a good harvest, every year.

The ritual sacrifice of the old King followed by ritual purification and the public ceremony of sexual congress between the High-Priestess and the new King, were often also part of the rite. In their primitive superstition it was the king’s blood that brought life to the trees and fields. They’ll be more on that later, but consider some of these connections in gematria, while moving on.

Lavender =  36 ER |   81 EO  |  45 Rev. Reduced  | 135  Rev. Ordinal
Sex magic = 36 ER |  81 EO   | 45 Rev. Reduced   | 135  Rev. Ordinal

The names, numbers and history of the Purple Connection have been taking shape more and more with each passing day because of the efforts of several researchers and contributors. In order to establish our theme, let’s go back a bit and look at some numbers and names familiar to gematria heads. Thanks to Zach Hubbard, these syncs have led to even more startling discoveries about how the media, entertainment, corporations and governments use numbers and color symbolism to mislead and goad the people of the world into giving up what’s left of our freedom.

Trump = 25 / 88 | Purple = 25 ER / 88 EO | Poison = 25 ER / 88 EO  |   Program = 43 ER / 88 EO

Here’s a few others  Here ‘s some other important 88 syncs that have been discovered by readers and commentators, +Sarine+Ti!WaZz  +Lord Of Allusion, and +The Infinity Man.

Survival of the Fittest = 88 ER | The Haves = 88  EO | Bloodline = 88  EO  | Hostile = 88 EO

Grail = 88 Reversed Ordinal  | Grail King = 88 EO | Trump the Sea King = 88 |
Dunvegan = 88  (Castle of Clan MacLeod)

I realize that the association of Trump with the “Grail” may be new to many people, but if you’ll stay with me you’ll see why we’re doing this.

Trump’s mother Mary Anne MacLeod was from the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides, Scotland. She emigrated to America in 1930. The official version is that she came to work as a “domestic.” Mary Anne MacLeod Trump died at the age of 88. Her predecessor as matriarch of the Trump family was Elizabeth Christ Trump, who was Fred Trump’s mother.

Domestic = 88 EO |  Elizabeth = 88 EO  | Scotland 25 ER / 88 EO

Mary Anne MacLeod Trump = 88 ER

The MacLeod clan claims descent from the Viking sea-king, Olaf the Black. This makes Donald Trump his possible descendant. The ancestral castle of the MacLeods is Dunvegan Castle.  It’s startling to realize how beneath the surface, the number 88 seems to define much of what Trump is all about.

We’ve also been uncovering evidence that Trump’s noble ancestry is much older than most mainstream reports have made it out to be. We don’t really have time to go into a lot of genealogical and historical details about that now, but in brief we can state here that, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both direct descendants of King Edward III of England. The screenshot on the right shows the separate but often parallel family trees of Hillary and Trump.

In today’s post-modern culture, the claims of royal bloodlines are not usually openly asserted, as they are in these disclosures. It’s hard to believe that Trump and Hillary were not aware of their ancestry, before these reports came out.

The “discovery” was first published by the Israeli genealogical service Then the writer A.J. Jacobs had some interesting things to say on the Extra article he was a part of. Here’s an excerpt from the video at the link above,

The real deal.

“Their 19th great grandfather is King Edward III so there is precedent for ruling a country, it’s in their genesTrump can rightfully boast that he has royal blood, and so can Hillary Clinton… “It’s possible now that they know they are cousins that they will spend Thanksgiving together and become best of friends… anything could happen.”… “It’s all one big happy — or not so happy — family.” [my emphasis] 

The fact that A.J. Jacobs can say these things virtually unchallenged in today’s America shows how bad things have become. The popular myth in former times was that presidents were not rulers, they were office holders responsible to the electorate. The idea was that presidents couldn’t do much of anything without a bill from Congress, or a mandate from the people.

“Hear ye! hear ye! I’m the King and it’s
going to be unbelievable!
Take my word for it!”

 It’s also revealing that the people behind these disclosures did it through Extra, an entertainment news outlet, with one of the most uncritical audiences imaginable. To make these revelations on a “serious” news channel would provide an opportunity for someone to ask inconvenient questions. The Extra audience are the same ones who gawk and chatter over the royal family of Great Britain, so there’s little chance of that happening in that venue.

The implications are clear enough. We supposedly live in a democratic age in a republic here in the US, but in politics, government and business, especially the presidency, the winner turns out to be to be the one with most royal connections in his/her family tree.

The last election appears to have been no different. Since these royal bloodlines dominate the Presidency, we have to admit that the archaic view of the divine right to rule through royal blood is still alive and well. The adaptation to evolving social realities is evident. We have the forms of a constitutional republic with elections, and congressional procedures. That keeps the people under the illusion that they rule through their votes, donations and organizing opinion.

However, as the evidence shows, behind the scenes there’s obvious coordination to ensure that only candidates with royal blood rise to the top, and stay there in spite of scandals and breaking the law. Underneath it all we have already seen a concerted effort to insinuate and establish Trump’s royal lineage through the clever use of gematria and the symbolism of the color purple.

Another example of how this is being done includes the curious triangle-shaped lapel pins often worn by Trump’s inner circle. Most of them are purple and gold with a split down the middle. The stated purpose was to help the Secret Service identify members of Trumps’ staff. Fair enough. Still, with Trump’s purple connections and royal blood, there’s a lot more to consider. The following is an excerpt from Newsmax’s article on the strange lapel pins.

The icon could be seen as representative of some secret societies, Vocativ noted.
Sabine Modersheim, professor at the University of Wisconsin said the triangle’s color scheme, gold and purple, could signify the Trump organization.
“My guess would be that they tried to allude to the Trump gold logos and some vague association with wealth and royalty in the purple.”

Professor Modersheim is right about one thing, there is something being communicated with the colors purple and gold, however it’s not as vague as she’s making it out to be. +Ti!WaZz  picked up on the lapel pin and the inverted triangle symbolism being a symbol of the Holy Grail.

On the right is his meme that shows how the “Star of David” is a symbol that’s a composite of two opposite yet complimentary symbols. The downward pointing triangle is symbolic of the feminine powers of reproduction. It is also the Chalice, Cup or Grail, which symbolizes the royal bloodline itself.

The upward pointing triangle is the masculine generative force of the Sun. It is also symbolized as the Blade, the force that protects the royal bloodline. In the Grail legends of the Middle Ages, the Lance of Longinus also called the Spear of Destiny are essentially the same.

Purple and Gold = 64 ER | Double Triangle = 64 |  Split Triangles = 64

Donald Trump accepts Purple from veteran Louis Dorfman.
Another episode in the scripting. 

The English reduction gematria for purple and gold, double triangle and split triangles is 64. Since all these motifs are part of the same symbol on the Trump lapel pins, it’s fitting that the gematria reflects this so closely.  Since 64 = 8 x 8 and Trump equals 88, the symbolism comes together even more.

The symbols of the Blade and Grail are well known to audiences familiar with the legend of the Merovingian dynasty as told in the somewhat historically accurate Holy Blood, Holy Grail  and the Dan Brown novels beginning with Angels and Demons. 

Merovingian = 64 ER  |  Zion = 64 EO  |  Israel = 64 EO

The interpretation found in those works is that the Grail is the bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The story goes that after Jesus’s crucifixion, Joseph of Arimathea helped Mary Magdalene escape from Palestine. The Holy Grail they brought from Jerusalem was her soon to be born child by Jesus, Sarah. The Merovingians, who lived in the area of modern France, are said to have married into this exiled Jewish bloodline at some point early on.

The screenshot on the left is from the book , The Tree of Life and the Holy Grail by Sylvia Francke. As you can see from the parts I’ve underlined in orange, her reading of the symbolism agrees with the one TiWaZz has outlined.

  I realize that the whole thing sounds pretty far-fetched but the royals, aristocrats and some members of the upper class of the United States, as well take these pedigrees seriously.

The reason I included that bit about the pins is that the Grail interpretation makes sense when you consider that Trump is also a direct decendant of the crusader King of Jerusalem, Fulk V, sometimes called “Fulk the Younger.” The mainstream reports of Trump and Hillary’s royal lineage usually start from Edward III’s son, John of Gaunt. However if we trace the bloodline back a few generations, we see that Trump and Hillary are both direct descendants of King Fulk. It was Fulk’s son Geoffrey Plantagenet who gave his name to the Plantagenet dynasty, which ruled England for 331 years.

Venus lamenting the death of Adonis. 1786. Benjamin West. Anglo American
. 1738-1820. oil on canvas. The purple-toned robe of Adonis is most

In this article, I explained that behind the day to day news cycle, the world of mundane factual reality there is another realm, that of historical myth. This is the world where ancient legends, worldly power and cold cash collide. It was the world that typified that of ancient and medieval times.

 Bible stories, legends of giants and sea-creatures, tales of the Holy Grail, and the dynastic claims of “royal” bloodlines from the Caesars, from the Tree of Jesse, from Noah, and even Adam were the currency of power. It was all a matter of getting enough people to believe the fictions, to force everyone else to go along with the program. As is always the case, these noble and royal bloodlines are often clearly traceable down through the centuries until the threads get lost in the mist of time. That’s where the story-tellers and myth-makers have to fill in the blanks.

For instance Julius Caesar claimed that he was descended from the goddess Venus who supposedly was the lover of his ancestor, Anchises. Also in the books of Matthew and Luke, the genealogy of Jesus goes back in time to King David and further to Noah and ultimately to Adam.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene 

 Even Jesus has to contrive events in order for Him to fulfill the prophecies. In Part V, we saw how in the Gospel of Matthew, just before Jesus makes his entry into Jerusalem, He tells the apostles to go to a nearby village and find the ass and the colt of an ass that have left there beforehand. All they have to say to the owner when he asks why they’re taking his donkeys is, “The Master has need of them.”

By the time the last of the Gospels, John’s, is written, we finally see the admission that Jesus’ scripting of his reception in Jerusalem is so glaringly obvious that John has to write,

These things understood not his disciples at the first: but when Jesus was glorified, then remembered they that these things were written of him, and that they had done these things unto him. John 12:16. 

In other words, even though Jesus told them to go get the donkeys and the reason for them, by God’s mercy they were made to forget that part, so they could perform their task in innocent authenticity. The Jesus we find in the Gospels is constantly having to script his own life, so it will fulfill the prophecies of the Messiah. Now, if the Son of God had to do this sort of thing, you have to know he was not the first and certainly not the last.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think Jesus ever existed as a flesh and blood man. His miracles, entourage and family, and key biographical events match up too well with other characters and stories from ancient mythology and prophecy. However the message of love and kindness attributed to Him is universal. Ultimately, does it really matter if Jesus ever lived?  From my thinking, what matters is that people learn the ways of compassion and kindness.

On the other hand, there is a dark side to all of this. The abuse of historical myth is destructive on an existential level. We see it everyday on how the troubled visions of the Book of Revelation are being used as a play book for World War III by the Christian fundamentalists. There is even a small but growing movement to rebuild the Third Temple of Jerusalem, to once again, fulfill the prophecy of the Messiah.

The article linked here covers the group known as the Nascent Sanhedrin’s request to both Trump and Putin to help rebuild the Temple. The biggest problem with that is not the cost of construction, but the fact that Dome of the Rock would have to be demolished and removed. Some have even suggested reassembling it on some other site, to make room for the Jewish Temple.

Model of Solomon’s Temple

Most people in Israel, are secular-minded. They don’t want the Temple rebuilt because it would cause an all out war of the Muslims against them. But if some very powerful people get their way, then it’s only a matter of time.

The world of historical myth is still here. It’s central to understanding how Trump and the predictive programming for his mock assassination from Snoop Dogg’s, “Lavender” and Marilyn Manson’s “Say 10” all fit together. Earlier in the article, we introduced the image of the decapitated Trump effigy from “Say 10,”  with the “33” patterned blood stains.

This image and the theme ties in directly into earlier songs by Manson, namely, “Kill King: 33,” and “Coma White.” The song’s title “Kill King: 33°,” was first the title of the conspiracy classic by James Shelby Downard. In “Coma White,” Marilyn Manson reenacts the JFK assassination, which is the subject of “Kill King: 33°.”

Marilyn Manson’s video for song “Coma White”

All of these strands can be gathered together into a more coherent pattern when we consider what Downard writes about in “Kill King: 33°.” The JFK assassination was an reenactment of the Masonic ritual known as “The Killing of the King.” As can be seen in the excerpt below, the symbolic pattern that Downard describes is that of the Sacred Marriage ritual discussed in Part V of the Purple Connection, the one’s we’ve reconstructed as The Rite of the Phoenix. Downard writes,

The fertility and death symbolism in the ‘killing of the king’ rite which is part of Greening Ritualism that has to do with JFK has been suppressed because examination of it must necessarily link it to “Freemasonry” and its mysticism as well as to the political influence it exerts. (Kill King: 33)

Downard correctly connects the symbolism of the JFK assassination to the fertility rites of the ancient Near East. At the time he wrote the essay, he was probably the only researcher looking at the religious archetypes and masonic symbolism involved.  I haven’t been able to find his essay America: The Possessed Corpse anywhere, but this podcast says that’s the one that gets him the credit for being a right-wing extremist. There’s not much biographical information for Downard on the Internet, but I’ll keep looking.

Even though many people who read the essay were fascinated by the associations and “coincidences” of names, places and dates surrounding the JFK saga, few were prepared to deal with the larger implications of his findings. The level of synchronicity begs the question, “If the masonic elite in charge of America practiced black magic through symbolism and ritual in the JFK assassination, what else are they up to?”

Most everyone agrees Downard was a “paranoid crazy man.” The image most associated with Downard is that of a loner who wrote and lived out of an Airstream travel trailer somewhere out in the desert. Yeah he was crazy…crazy like a fox! He had the masonic fetish for names and place names figured out. If he had been able to add gematria to his toolbox, there’s probably much more he could have told us.

Still, there’s little doubt what he thought of Bill Clinton’s 1993 Inauguration address “We Force the Spring.” Check this out!

Kill King: Thirty-Three = 241 English Ordinal   |  We Force the Spring = 241 Reverse Ordinal

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Clinton’s team actually read “Kill King: 33°,”  while they were writing the speech. The gematria above shows it could have happened. The imagery for the speech “We Force the Spring” is from the pagan fertility cults and rituals. And the date numerology also coincides with the theme.

1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 25
Rite = 25  |  Earth = 25 ER  | The Call = 25  | Heart = 25 ER | All = 25 EO
The 1993 Clinton Inauguration was a ritual or rite, celebrating the coming of new life to the Earth. Clinton’s speech makers asked America and the world to open their hearts to new possibilities and answer “the call.” The call are the last words of the speech before the customary farewell to end the speech.

We have changed the guard. And now, each in our own way and with God’s help, we must answer the call. 

Thank you, and God bless you all.

I’ve linked the speech here if you care to read it. Here’s a short excerpt that shows the language of what Downard calls “the eternal pagan psychodrama.”

My fellow citizens, today we celebrate the mystery of American renewal. This ceremony is held in the depth of winter, but by the words we speak and the faces we show the world, we force the spring.

The word choice that I’ve emphasized and underlined is typical of the language used to describe the pagan mysteries and fertility cults. The mysteries as practiced by the ancient priests and in Freemasonry today  refer to the initiation rites and secret education they say takes place behind closed doors. At its core, the mysteries are about the practice of sex magic. In the theology of the ancient pagans, it was the human act of procreation that “forced the spring.” This is the impetus of the Sacred Marriage or Rite of the Phoenix. As we learned in Part V of the Purple Connection. The excerpt is in aqua type.

It was the Book of Zachariah that proclaimed how all this would happen. So, for Jesus to fulfill the prophecy, he had to ride both the ass and the colt of an ass. As stated before, we’re in the realm of historical myth, where the past, the present and prophecy work off each other.

Line drawing of Sumerian stone carving, 2400 BC. The
goddess Inanna with a shock of phoenix date palms in
her right hand, phallic mushrooms sprouting from her
 hair, and a grain stalk headdress.

“9:9 Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.”

 So it is on Palm Sunday, when the faithful reenact the Passion of Christ. If one traces back the archaic origins of what we’re calling the Rite of the Phoenix, it goes back the very beginning of civilization in Sumer around 4000 BC and probably much earlier into Neolithic times. It was part the spring festival in honor of the Earth-Goddess Innana and her consort, Tammuz.

The Greek term for “sacred
 marriage” is hieros gamos. It
also shares 1776 CK gematria

When Jesus is greeted as the King of Israel in the Gospels, that’s also a reenactment of the sacred marriage ceremony of the ancient Near East. In this rite, kings of Mesopotamia, Syria and Canaan, and probably even the land of Israel and Judah at some points of its history, were accorded the privilege and duty of sexual congress with the head temple harlot designated as Inanna. In the New Testament, all matriarchal vestiges are edited out. The goddess figure of Inanna becomes “the daughter of Zion.”

In the oldest forms of the Killing of the King ritual, the king probably had little choice of when it was his time to go. Some believe that this ritual killing took place every year! In other words, the “Sacred King” had one duty, to couple with the Queen-High Priestess for one year and then as the song goes “The King Must Die!”

I’m including the song “The King Must Die” from the 1970 album Elton John because the symbolism and imagery harkens back to Shakespeare’s take on the “Killing of the King” ritual, the tragedy Macbeth.  Downard also sees the Macbeth story in the Kennedy assassination narrative Here’s a couple of stanzas from the song that allude to the play and its author.

And if my hands are stained forever
And the altar should refuse me
Would you let me in, would you let me in, would you let me in
Should I cry sanctuary 

No man’s a jester playing Shakespeare
Round your throne room floor
While the juggler’s act is danced upon 

The crown that you once wore
The king is dead, the king is dead
The king is dead, the king is dead
Long live the king

The lines underlined in the first stanza, “…if my hands are stained forever/ And the altar should refuse me,” refers to how Macbeth unlawfully seizes the throne through murder and deception.

He takes the crown, but is refused at the altar of kingship not only for his crimes, but also because he is not of royal blood. Macbeth is set in medieval Scotland and is full of sorcery and violence. It also makes up a major piece of Downard’s “Kill King: 33°.”

So, we see there’s evidence of a intertexual dialogue in the “Killing of the King” motif that stretches back centuries In the song, the words “the juggler’s act is danced upon,” give us an image from Tarot. The Juggler is also the “The Magician” card, the first trump of the Tarot deck. The symbolism associated with this card is creative visualization. The Magician calls forth the powers of the unseen world to manifest dreams into reality. That’s why “the juggler’s act is danced upon,” in the song. The dance is in imitation of what the Magician has initiated in the realm of thought and desire.

The date calculator in the screenshot above shows that from 11-22-1963, the date of the JFK event, until 4-10-1970 there’s a span of exactly 333 weeks. That’s an interesting number because the Tarot trump of The Magician has gematria of 333.

The Magician = 333 English Gematria | The Magician = 33 Chaldean  |

Le Bateleur = 33 Jewish Reduced
Le Bateleur is the French term for the Magician that old Marseilles deck, the first public production of the Tarot.

In doing an Internet search on the term “Trump the Magician,” one can see that Trump’s pairing with the archetype is already well established. However, this association is usually that of Trump the Sorcerer, the evil magician. For instance, the video linked below compares Trump’s “tweets” with David Blaine’s card tricks.

I suppose that since Trump has been able to fool so many people as to what he’s really all about is testament enough. The way he often flashes 6-6-6 with both hands while speaking to an audience should say all that needs to be said.

Moving along, The King Must Die was originally the title of a novel by Mary Renault. It’s a modern retelling of the myth of Theseus, Ariadne, and the Minotaur’s labyrinth. What makes the novel really interesting is that when asked who his favorite author was Kennedy replied, “Mary Renault.”  While on the campaign trail in 1960, Kennedy read The King Must Die.  When interviewed, Jackie Kennedy said her husband “devoured ‘The Knights of the Round Table‘.”

Kennedy’s choice of reading material is eyebrow-raising. Downard does not mention it in “Kill King: 33°”, but had he known about it, he certainly would have. From the vantage point of over 50 years, the possibility of a fake Kennedy assassination has to be considered. I don’t have time to go into detail about that part for now, so I’ll link this article for some compelling evidence for this hypothesis. We’re seeing the scripting being put in place for a possible repeat when it comes to Trump, so I think it’s worth looking into.

Renault’s novel is built around the theology of regicide and kingly sacrifice. While on his way to Athens to see his father, Aegeus, for the first time, the road takes Theseus to Eleusis. This city is inhabited by the indigenous non-Hellenic people that were there before the Greek Ionians and Dorians conquered Greece. They live according to the old matriarchal ways. In Eleusis, the King won his throne in a ceremonial wrestling match, to the death. The King that Theseus is destined to slay is named Kerkyon. This time, the outcome would be determined beforehand. Kerkyon’s time was at hand. The “earth magic” of the witching women would ensure the transfer of kingship to Theseus.

With each beat of the gong, with every breath of the crowd’s death-chant, Theseus could feel the sorcery and the shift of momentum.

“As this frenzied strength built up in me, my hands and back felt him flagging. With each gong throb his strength was trickling from him. It was his death that was singing to him; wrapping him round like smoke, drawing him down into the ground. Everything was against him: the people, the Mystery, and I. (p. 71). Open Road Media. Kindle Edition. 

When we take all of this in, we see the same elements shaping up in a similar way in the case of Trump. Right now there’s a lot of hype about witches “casting spells” on Trump. The conservative Christians are crapping all over themselves with their ridiculous videos about Trump needing protection from demons and evil spirits, as can be seen in this search. Of course, just the mentioning of the word “witches” to these people sends them into fits.

However, this article gives us chance to assess the reality of the situation a little more clearly. The women featured in the article are not motivated so much by hate as they are by fear of what the Trump presidency symbolizes for the direction of the country.

What’s being missed by both these manipulated groups is that witchcraft itself is a motif in the Killing of the King ritual that’s playing out before our eyes. The secret societies that orchestrate the media coverage, and frame the perceptions of the masses through the news and entertainment are creating the angles on how Trump is to be the next sacrificial “king,” just as Kennedy was before him.

Downard apparently did not think that the Kennedy’s assassination was fake. However what he says about the ultimate purpose of the ritual still applies.

An archetype of betrayal of the “common man ” i.e. the “vulgar herd ” has been and is going on and the betrayal which involves a great deal of Fertility and Death symbolism is seemingly motivated by the endeavor to bring about syncretism in opposing principles of a mystic power, and to green Israel, rebuild the Temple of Solomon
and establish a One World Government.
 (Kill King: 33°) 

If you’ll recall, earlier in the article we mentioned that according to modern genealogy, Trump is descended from King of Jerusalem, Fulk V. He claims to also have been descended from Olaf the Black, the Sea King of the Isle of Man. According to Burke’s peerage, Trump like all other presidents before him is a scion of what we’re calling the Grail Family. Trump’s Gaelic roots reinforce this idea.

In Kill King: 33°, Downard traces the etymology of LBJ’s middle name, Baines, which is from his mother’s family name, to the MacBean clan of the highlands of Scotland. The Macbeth and Macbean clans are interrelated on many levels. So, in a sense when JFK took his exit from the stage, Johnson fulfilled the role of a king who become one by the death of another, just as his distant relative, Macbeth had done in Scottish history and in Shakespeare’s play.

Scotland = 25 ER  |  Macbeth = 25 ER  | Trump = 25 ER

We also have to include the news story that came out of Israel concerning gematria. This one really brings it all full circle. As reported by Breaking Israel News,

“I have known for months that Donald Trump would win the elections,” Rabbi Berger told Breaking Israel News. “The gematria (numerology) of his name is Moshiach (Messiah). He is connected to the Messianic process which is happening right now. When he promised to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, he attached himself to the power of Moshiach, which gave him the boost he needed. If you separate from Jerusalem, disaster will follow.”

So it appears that its not just us who’s seeing a pattern. The rabbi points out that the Hebrew language gematria for Donald Trump matches that of “Messiah for the House of David,” apparently a key phrase to signal His supposed coming.

משיח בן דוד in Hebrew Gematria = 424 (40+300+10+8  2+50  4+6+4)
“Messiah for the House of David”

דונלד טראמפ in Hebrew Gematria = 424 (4+6+50+30+4   9+200+1+40+80)
“Donald Trump”

Remember the witches against Trump? One of they’re next “binding ritual” against Trump is scheduled for April 24th, 4/24.

The Snoop Dogg Lavender video is exactly 4 minutes and 24 seconds long, 4:24

In the video, the clock that wakes up Suburb Clown goes off at 4:24.

At 00:24, Clown Brat shoots his day with a top pistol that foreshadows how the day is going to go.

At 00:33 the camera pans away and we can see Suburb Clown’s green wagon and the police car as a toys on the kitchen counter. The toy cop’s pistol is also pointed toward Suburb. There are also some figurines who are in Arab dress on the counter, too.

At minute mark 1:37, the Clown cop shots Suburb Clown. 137 is the 33rd prime number.

On the Saudi Arabian Coat of Arms etched on the chair behind Snoop Dogg, there is a phoenix palm tree. Whether or not the choice of symbols is conscious or unconscious, there is still a pattern, once we see the connections to the rest of the story. Could it mean the Saudi Arabia will have a role in whatever is to come?

Also I want to make sure that people understand that I’m not making any predictions about 4-24, or any other date. However, if something takes place, the documentation is here. Also, as stated earlier I’m not in favor of Trump’s early demise or anyone else’s. To me, life and death is not some joking matter. I don’t have any less or any more respect for Trump than I do for any billionaire oligarch. They’re all pretty much the same.

However, I am convinced that if “they” go through with what it looks like is in the works, then it will be staged managed from top to bottom. Trump will still be alive somewhere laughing his head off while the world goes through the inevitable trauma and catharsis, which would be the main goal of such a wicked scheme.

At the end of each article I try to add in as many gematria finds from readers as I can.  So here we go. I’be adding to this as I get time.


 +Lord Of Allusion

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most fitting symbols for the Grail Stone. As we saw in previous articles, in Wolfram’s Parzival, the stone that the archangel Michael strikes from the crown of Lucifer is the one he commands the neutral angels to bring to Earth. Most sources say that the Grail stone is an emerald or mazorite because they’re green-shaded stones. Green is often associated with Lucifer because Venus’s color is green. Venus is the morning star and the star that falls from  heaven. However, as this study has shown, that strand of mythic lore is but one of many. There is another layer of meaning in the masonic sources that speak of the lapis lazuli as the lapis exilis.

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