Part V: The Purple Connection: “Holy Grail” Symbolism of 666 and the Jonestown Massacre

This post picks up from the last article, here.

One of the most encouraging signs for the validity of a research thesis happens when other people, on their own, begin to find evidence that corroborates it. When more than one person discovers the same evidence at the same time, I’d have to say that’s even better.

That’s what’s happened, and is continuing to happen as I write this post. The recent findings of the investigation of the 666-Bloodlines and the “purple rhetoric” of color propaganda have turned up startling connections in religious and mythological symbolism. If you new to this series of to the use of gematria, click on this link.You’ll see a collection of articles that we’ve been working on here. Most of the gematria calculators that we use are are linked in the sidebar on the right. Plus, the Code Theory and Encyclopedia of Gematria sections linked at the top of every page will help, if you want to learn more. The Carpenter Key tab will take you to a download link for the software.

Thanks to +Obtuse One for being the first to pick up on the Kool-Aid symbolism to the Purple Connection.

The so called drops of blood that are really JC’s blood that make 666. That is also the eyes and nose of the Kool-Aid Man. Look and you see it, too!  6 mins ago.

Moments later +Ti!WaZz posted the meme you see above. Then that’s when the brainstorming began. I’m making screen shots so you can see this in the order that it happened. This is the power of collaborative effort.

As TiWaZz mentioned here, the phrase “As above, so below,” is a famous maxim from Hermetic philosophy and what’s known as the Emerald Tablet. The principle behind it is that what happens in the unseen world, the supernatural and the realm of human thought and spirit, otherwise known as the noosphere influences and causes change in the outer world, the world that we see and perceive through our senses.

Here’s the link to the Kybalion, a modern text that is claimed by its anonymous authors to be the “essence of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus.”

From the standpoint of color symbolism and gematria, the Jonestown Massacre of November 18, 1978  is a textbook case of “murder by the numbers.”

The horrifying image on the right features the purple poison in a rusty wash tub that the people at Jonestown are said to have drank that day. Reports say that 918 men women and children were killed. Most committed suicide on their own, while some were murdered, so claims official history.

Now let’s look at gematria, because it can tell us a lot about possible unseen coordination of events and symbolism.

Purple = 34 ER / 88 EO / 29 RR / 74 RO / FB 114

Poison = 34 ER / 88 EO / 29 RR / 74 RO / 114 FB

Program = 43 ER / 88 EO / 114 FB

I noticed that “Oh Yeaahh!” the trademark phrase of the Kool-Aid Man has a unique spelling. I figured there was probably some gematria behind it and I found that it lines up with other important words.

After I looked further, it seems like the comic book version of Mr. Kool-Aid uses the spelling Oh Yeaahh!” and the product advertisement uses “Oh Yeah!” mostly.

“Oh Yeaahh!” = 44 ER
Kill = 44 ER

Kult Aid = 323 (Satanic)

Malaise = 24 ER / 33 -S Red

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