The Azure Window: The David Bowie Portal and 424 Days

Thanks to +Dar O’Brien for spotting the connections between the old nursery rhyme “Lavender Blue,” David Bowie’s song “Heroes” and Snoop’s “Lavender.”

That’s right. The span of days from the official date of Bowie’s death until the fall of the Azure Window on Gozo, Malta is 424 days. The screenshot below illustrates.

The children’s song is a heavy edit of the bawdy song  “Diddle Diddle Or, the Kind Country Lovers” which was a favorite during the ribald Restoration. The broadside it was printed on called for the song to be sung to the tune of “Lavender Green.” The melody was turned into nursery rhyme in 1805. Here’s the link and a screenshot of what Dar found.

Although its toned down in the children’s song, the theme of the “sacred marriage” is still there. The Greeks called this ritual the heiro gamos. It’s where the human agents of king and queen act out the rite of love between Inanna and her consort Dumuzi. From these earliest times in Sumer, the ceremony was considered essential for the fertility of the land and health of the people.

Ever since Burl Ives did his arrangement of the song in 1949, it’s been covered by many artists including David Bowie. On “The Serious Moonlight” tour in 1983, Bowie started off the song “Heroes” with a couplet from “Lavender Blue.”

In the article Part VI of the Purple Connection, we explored the connections between lavender and the symbolism of sex, death and rebirth.  These discoveries make them even stronger.

“Heroes” = 29 Rev. Red.|   Trump = 29 Rev. Red.  |  Kronos = 29 ER  |  April = 29 ER |  Tomahawk = 29 ER | Aurora = 29 ER  | Melanija =29  |  Melanija is Melania Trump’s first name in Slovenian, her native language. Blue Tie = 29 ER

On the right is a ceremonial stone cot from ancient Sumer. Inanna and Dumuzi are portrayed on the ritual bed reserved for the High Priestess and King to celebrate the physical act of love.

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