Novel is coming along

About a year ago, while I was still in the middle of finishing up on major goal, there was a reader, Mfsyy who challenged me to write a novel or script with gematria as a major theme. I was already thinking along those lines after writing a one-act play for a class project. I posted it to the old blog. If you care to read it, the link is just below.

One Act Play: Dr. Peter G. Agoras’ Home for Misfit Heroes

Pete uses gematria to help abused fictional heroes get a second chance on a distant planet, far way from the American Dream factories of Hollywood and Washington. Pete has yet to make his appearance in the novel, but the stage is being set. I don’t want to give the story away, but it involves Atlantis, a giant telepathic ivory-billed woodpecker and a crystal called the Metatronkia. 

Now that I have a little more time, I pressing forward. I’m on Chapter 4, which numerologically speaking is the number of foundation, so it’s probably taking me a little longer than might be expected to get the rest of the book to come out right . I came up with the character, Dr Peter G. Agoras who is a sort of cross between Pythagoras and Indiana Jones . “Dr. Peter Agoras’ Home for Misfit Heroes” may be the first work of fiction that explicitly employs gematria. Not sure about that, but I think its creative and well-written, for the most part.

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