Part III: Samuel Johnson’s World – The Gematria Connection to the Assassination of Christopher Marlowe and Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations

In previous articles we have discovered ample evidence in the life and numbers of Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary of the English Language that show how the title, publishing date and aspects of Johnson’s life while working on the dictionary, all correlate with the occult principles of gematria and numerology. We’ll be reviewing some of those facts in this post, but if you haven’t read those, the links are below.

In this post I’m expanding the scope of the study to include some of Johnson’s famous friends, business associates and most especially his own hero, the Venetian Paolo Sarpi, a monk, scientist, and de facto head of Venetian state intelligence. According to researcher Webster Tarpley, Samuel Johnson was a glorified hack for the English elite, a group who had adopted Sarpi’s methods of deception and divide and conquer.

The excerpt from the article below shows that the members of the Bavarian Illuminati were also admirers of Sarpi’s materialistic philosophy, especially Weishaupt himself.

Daniel Estulin records that in his research into Paolo Sarpi, he found a letter verifying that Sarpi had ordered his henchmen in England to assassinate Christopher Marlowe.

Puppet master Paolo Sarpi and his poisoned pen.

Whether or not the official story of Marlowe getting stabbed in a tavern brawl is true, Estulin’s evidence is damning, especially when you bring gematria into the picture.

Christopher Marlowe was born on February 26, 1564. That’s a perfect sync with 226 gematria symbolizing the date 2/26. Not only that, Marlowe’s birth numerology with all the numbers broken down is 26. Marlowe died on a day with 26 numerology summed up the exact way, in the most basic method of numerology.

Another sync that ties in the number 26 more closely to this clear case of assassination by the numbers is that in the Reverse Ordinal cipher, Christopher Marlowe = 260. Considering the evidence, Sarpi was not above the cold-blooded tactics involved in political murder. Gematria-coded killing appears to have been what happened.

I think this revelation is significant because as Tarpley, Estulin, Joseph Farrell and others have pointed out, Venice exerted great influence over British monarchs through money-lending, trade and technology. They also provided the British with the example of how printing and publishing were vital to modern propaganda operations.

In the case of Marlowe’s death, there is clear evidence that Venetian and British oligarchs worked together to assassinate troublesome poets like Marlowe. In the next article, I’ll have more on the reasons why Paolo Sarpi may have wanted Marlowe out of the way. But for now I want to get these next observations about Johnson and his fellow travelers of the 18th century.

We’ve already established that Johnson’s masonic image maker was James Boswell, who came from a prominent family of freemasons in Scotland. Boswell and Johnson both knew Adam Smith very well because they all shared the same publisher, the “Printer to the King,” William Strahan. As a matter of fact, “The Enlightenment” was Strahan’s specialty since he also published the works of David Hume, Edward Gibbon and other pragmatic proponents of British imperialism. Although there is no direct evidence of Strahan, Adam Smith, Johnson and Hume having been masons themselves, their philosophies exemplified the direction that secret societies were going in the larger European scene. Below is another excerpt from Collins’ article, which bears this out.

Adam Smith spoke for the new-styled business model of the day, laissez faire capitalism, where the unbridled pursuit of wealth was a virtue and lives ruined the cost of doing business.

When most people read what Smith is saying in the quote above they often forget that the phrase “People of the same trade” is intentionally vague. The Business Insider frames it exclusively in terms of business monopolies. The matter-of-fact tone of ” a conspiracy against the public,” should cause any intelligent reader to question where Smith would ever draw the line, when it comes to the divine right of exploitation for profit.

Elizabeth I was the English monarch at the inception of British imperialism after the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Acquiring wealth is all about being pragmatic and keeping things, “strictly business.”

Adam Smith said the Invisible Hand of the economy is what rules the nations and the lives of men and women.

“Invisible Hand”= 223. Other words and phrases that involve the ominously significant number of 223 are Masonic, The Synagogue of Satan, and Measure Twice; Cut Once.

There is also William Strahan’s title and office of Printer to the King to consider. In addition to printing The Wealth of Nations and Johnson’s Dictionary , as the King’s Printer, Strahan had the exclusive right to print The King James Bible and the Common Book of Prayer within Great Britain, Ireland and Wales.

“Printer to the King” = 223, and for good measure William Strahan and Printer to the King also share correlating gematria with 92 showing up in the base ciphers.

Strahan was also a close associate of Benjamin Franklin and one of the most famous letters in history is the record of the SUPPOSED falling out between the two men over the American Revolution or Rebellion, depending on one’s choice of phrase. Below is an image and transcription of the letter.


Philada. July 5. 1775

Mr. Strahan

You are a Member of Parliament, and one of that Majority which has doomed my Country to Destruction. You have begun to burn our Towns and murder our People. — Look upon your hands! They are stained with the Blood of your Relations! — You and I were long Friends:— You are now my Enemy, — and 

I am, 


B. Franklin

Franklin wrote his letter to Strahan from Philadelphia

I think any neophyte of gematria should be able to see a relationship between the date of the July (7) 5th letter of 75 and the OFFICIAL commencement of the Rebellious Revolution, EXACTLY 365 days later on July 4, 1776. Is it not remarkable that this letter has been preserved for so long without an asterisk ? Is it not uncanny that ol’ Ben somehow was able to organize the span of days so tidily? How could he have known? When Franklin dropped his theatrical letter to Strahan, was it not oddly coincidental that all this was to come to pass without him even knowing about it? Is it possible that the “invisible hand” that Adam Smith introduced to the world only a few months later on March 9, 1776 had anything to do with this strange set of circumstances?

Ah what of it! Ol’ Ben and Will Strahan patched things up right as rain after all the frackas. That’s what masons do after they’re done being enemies and playing war with each other.

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