More Number 69 Syncs Relevant to the End-Times Propaganda and the Corona-virus Pysop

In the recent Deep Zone post on Laurie Garrett’s 1994 book The Coming Plague, the number 69 comes through with significant gematria syncs and cultural correspondences.

The Coming Plague,” was published as predictive propaganda for the “New World Order” agenda

The jungle philosophy of “Might is Right” is their justification.

Soon after I wrote and produced a video on the subject, I came across some work on by Jamie.

Just below is his contribution.

In order for society to effectively combat a “contagious disease,” or “infectious agent,” like corona-virus, it requires large segments of the population contracting the virus to develop “herd immunity.” That’s how nature helps us out.

However, when the WHO, CDC, the White House and the media are enforcing “social distancing,” through propaganda slogans like ” Stay Home, Save a Life,” that policy will likely cause even more people to get sick, and not just from Covid-19. Without interaction with other people and no sunlight from staying indoors, the natural “immune response” will be compromised.

The de facto “mandatory vaccine” could very well end being a “deadly injection” for many, especially with the talk of abandoning normal safety protocols in the rush to get everyone vaccinated.

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