The Age of Aquarius – An Introduction

I’m working on a pretty long article about how the concept of the Age of Aquarius fits into the grand scheme of the Jesuits. So for now, I’m going to share a few things to keep things rolling.

As we see in the shot above, the reverse ordinal value for “The Age of Aquarius” matches with that of “Number of the Beast,” and “Order of Illuminati.”

We should keep in mind that the astrological sign of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. The planet Saturn is associated with limitations of time, suffering, old age and death. Yet Saturn is said to have been the ruler of the mythical Golden Age, where peace and plenty abounded.

As with most things the Jesuits are involved in, there’s two ways of looking at it. The popular concept of the Age of Aquarius is basically the positive one, a return of th Golden Age. It’s certainly reflected in the song Aquarius from the Broadway musical Hair.

Harmony and understanding

Sympathy and trust abounding.

No more falsehoods or derisions

Golden living dreams of visions

Mystic crystal revelation

And the mind’s true liberation.


In the article I’m working on, I’m going to blow the lid off that kind of Utopian gibberish. Just like the gematria above indicates, the promise of the Age of Aquarius is a lie.

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