Journey to the Metaverse by the Numbers

On Monday, September 27, 2021, Facebook launched the propaganda in grand style with a YouTube video entitled “The Journey to the Metaverse.” The date is significant since it was the 487th anniversary of the formation of the Jesuits, who are the hidden architects of the metaverse project of the Illuminati. This video debut occurred on September 27, 1534.

Below is a screenshot of a Guardian article publicizing the video the day before on Sunday, before on September 26th. I added a decode of the phrase “journey to the metaverse” and the number 112 that appears on in the picture accompanying the article.

The phrase “journey to the metaverse” has Reversed Full Reduction gematria of 112. 112 also happens to be the most prominently placed number in the digitized background of the article’s picture. The word “mathematics” also has gematria of 112, which is important, since the metaverse is completely dependent on the mathematical calculations of AI for its existence.

September 27th is also the day that leaves 95 days left in the year. The phrase “journey to the metaverse” also has 95 Full Reduction gematria. When one considers that the Jesuits were formed to combat the Ninety Five Theses of Martin Luther, the numbers and the chosen date for the announcement come together.

The Novel “Snow Crash” and Zuckerberg’s Meta

The 1992 novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is a book that has had great influence on Silicon Valley. This is especially true of Zuckerberg’s Meta, which is basically the manifestation of the novel’s dystopian world. In the article screenshots below, we find out that there has been a long-standing project among Silicon Valley tech giants to create their digital universe along the lines of the Stephenson’s warped vision of the future.

The correspondences don’t stop there either, as gematria helps reveal how deep it all goes.

The numbers 39, 12 and 120 reveal the ingrained numerical relationship between “Meta” and ‘Snow Crash.” The novel has been required reading for Facebook management, and has a strong theme of language as code, so there’s not much chance of there being a coincidence in the gematria.

Also consider that the name “Neal Stephenson” has 167 gematria, and 167 is the 39th prime number.

Stephenson disassociated himself from Facebook and Meta, on Twitter, October 29, 2021, the day after Zuckerberg’s announcement. Still, gematria never forgets.

This OMR article features a parody of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.” If you click the link to article, you’ll see human hand twitch in the looped video. How profound!
Tech journalists warn you about technology and pitch you to buy in within the same breath!

It’s interesting that this article was published on September 11, 2020, probably the most emotionally charged date in human history. Is OMR signaling an emergency, a 911 call for the world? Maybe, but there is the fact that September 11th leaves 111 days in the year. This links the date to the gematria of some very key terms. For instance, the words “computer” and “Internet” both have 111 gematria.

Another connection to the number 111 is the word “corporate,” which describes the nature of the Metaverse, with multi-national corporations holding sway over the rest of humanity in the “real” world and in the virtual world. In this scenario, the nation state, inalienable human rights and the rule of law are no longer applicable. The OMR article glosses over these facts in the screenshot below.

The avatar Hiro Protagonist in the virtual realm of the Metaverse.

The novel’s main character, “Hiro Protagonist,” has interesting gematria which correlates to the term “corporate feudalism,” which is the system that dominates the world of Snow Crash. It’s the form of control that’s preferred by the elite. The numbers 201 and 84 come up a lot when discussing the gematria of the Jesuits and their evil works.