A closer look at the film Angel Heart, and its murderous mythos of Lucifer in Louisiana

While watching Zach’s recent videos on how the LSU Championship year of 2019 turned out to be strangely familiar with its menacing overtones of behind-the-scenes black magic and ritual sacrifice , the film Angel Heart came to mind.

This 1987 psycho-thriller by Alan Parker features Mickey Rourke, Lisa Bonet and Robert De Niro as Lucifer himself, who orchestrates the bloodbath from supernatural concealment. It’s set in New York City in the steamy swampland of Creole country and haunted blocks of old town New Orleans.

The suspiciously synchronous deaths of New Orleans television reporters Carly McCord, Nancy Parker, rapper 5th-Ward Weeby, and LSU’s original Heisman trophy winner Billy Cannon coincided with LSU’s rise to the top of college football. We can also see a similar pattern in the grisly demise of several characters in Angel Heart.

It’s like when Rourke’s character Harold Angel says,”…there’s too many dead bodies floating around, even for Louisiana.” That’s what it feels like listening to Zach explain it.

Here, I’m presenting what I discovered in the symbolism and gematria of Angel Heart, because I think it supports what Zach and others are pointing out. The worlds of entertainment and sports seem to run on ritual murder and the worship of Lucifer.

The number 115 is prominently displayed over Harold Angel’s entrance immediately after the opening credits.

There’s an important bit of symbolic foreshadowing when Mickey Rourke’s character, Harold R. Angel walks into the film with the number 115, prominently displayed on an awning. One might say that 115 is the film’s foundational number, so let’s begin.

It’s also important to note that Tri-Star Pictures, released Angel Heart on March 6, 1987, a date with 115 numerology.

3+6+19+87 = 115.

With that many relevant syncs, we can see how the script, cinematography, gematria and date numerology are orchestrated as well.

There’s also another layer of symbolism the release date, 3/6 of March Sixth, once picks up on how it’s an expression of “Three Six,” or 666, the Number of the Beast. This view is supported in the gematria of Tri Star Pictures, which is 216, or 6 x 6 x 6.

When Angel gets the call to show up for his new client, a Mr. Louis Cyphre, played by a truly inspired, Robert De Niro, he drives over to Harlem to meet him. Angel is oblivious to the knowing grins of Cyphre and his assistant, Mr. Winesap.

For those who are aware of the pervasiveness of gematria in media, the name Cyphre is a clever pun on the word cipher. For, that’s exactly what we find in Angel Heart the use of gematria ciphers to encode symbolic information.

With his pentagram ring, long finger nails and silver-clad cane Cyphre is not hiding his identity from us in the audience, but Angel has no clue at this point. When Cyphre asks Angel for his identification credentials, we’re allowed to see Angel’s gun permit and detective license.

The most striking thing about this quick shot is that the name Harold as intentionally misspelled as Harald. Now why would they do that? When we run the numbers, we get our answer.

Yes, the term Gematria Code and the encoded spelling HARALD R ANGEL are a perfect lock in all four base ciphers, forwards and backwards, ordinal and reduced. The number that stands out the most in this configuration is of course, 223.

At several points in the film, Angel lets us know he’s from Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn has gematria of 223.

Other terms that share this gematria in the base ciphers are, The Synagogue of Satan, The Beast Six Six Six, and two verses from Revelation that directly reference the Beast.

Alan Parker’s team typed Angel’s address as 143 W. 43rd St., which is also encoded. When we keep in mind that the actor Robert De Niro, who is playing Lucifer in this film, the reason for the 143 street number becomes apparent.

The film’s plot revolves around Mr. Cyphre collecting his just return on an old contract with Johnny Favorite. The crooner of yesteryear, formerly known as Jonathan Liebling has managed to avoid to evade paying up.

If one doesn’t see the low hanging fruit in solving Angels’ and Mr. Cyphre’s true identities by this point of the film, eventually we find out. Angel and Johnny Favorite are indeed both the same person. He sold his soul to Lucifer for wealth and fame. Johnny almost fooled the devil himself, but the past he dared not remember, eventually caught up with him.

Ever since Christopher Marlowe wrote his play Doctor Faust, the term Faustian bargain has become a metaphor for this kind of agreement. Therefore, it’s appropriate that Faustian bargain also has gematria of 143.

Bro. Rob Morris and Bro. John Hagee- Free-Masonic Agents for the End Times Conspiracy – Gematria Reveals Their Occult Connections

As revealed in the last post and video, Zedekiah’s Cave figures prominently in the contrived and completely stage-managed end times scenario that’s been uncovered thus far. The man-made cavern is also known as “King Solomon’s Quarries,” which explains the cave’s importance to Freemasonry. After some of my own digging, I discovered that the “Kentucky Grand Master” who presided over the May 7, 1873 ceremony that the Wikipedia article for Zedekiah’s Cave refers to was Dr. Robert Morris.

Robert Morris’s portrait on the title page spread of his book “Freemasonry in the Holy Land”

He also appears to have been something of a Presbyterian minister. He helped organize a group known as the “Church of the Messiah,” which sounds much like the “Order of Moriah” as depicted in the USA Network television series “Dig.” He also wrote the gospel hymn “O’ Galilee,” all of which seems typical of change agents, who use religion as their cover. For review, “Dig” involved a conspiracy between radical Orthodox Jews and Protestant millennialists . Even some of the scenes apear to have been filmed in Zedekiah’s Cave.

From the 10th and final episode of Dig entitled “Armageddon Protocol.” The last episode of the series aired on May 7, 2015. The date happens to echo the masonic ritual May 7, 1873 that Bro. Rob Morris presided over.

We’ve also discussed how May 7th or 5/7 is an allusion to the idea of birth, since that word equals 57 in English Ordinal gematria.

There are significant occurrences of the symbolism of birth, initiation, and the manifestation of ideas in the real world connected with May 7th. It’s also significant that the word “Moon” has 57 English Ordinal gematria. The Moon has always been associated with fertility and the feminine powers of generation. From the same scene, the screenshot below demonstrates how the producers of Dig exploit these archetypes.

This screenshot of the Dome of the Rock with the “blood moon” in the background is loaded with propaganda. The so-called “blood moon” is a key component in the end times fabrication of the televangelist John Hagee. He claims these “blood moons,” which are completely natural events, are actually harbingers of the end times. Gematria reveals the Kabbalistic patterns that underpin the lies that issue from the mouth of Bro. Hagee.

Four Blood Moons” is the title of Hagee’s bestselling book which attempts to persuade the reader of the inevitable necessity of the false end-times narrative. 67 is the 19th prime number. As Zach and others have warned, the word “Chaos” has 19 Full Reduction gematria, and is the media’s buzzword for 2019.

There’s 19 and it would appear that Bro. Hagee understands how the number 46 comes into play, as well.

The blatant predictive programming for the Dome’s demise is all-to-apparent. A dome is both a symbol of the mind and the womb. It encloses sacred space on several levels. It’s destruction would be nothing less than catastrophic on the psyche of humanity, but no matter. They know that there are millions of people who believe in these false narratives, and have been misled by these same satanists posing as Christian, Jewish and Islamic teachers of scripture. That’s right Hagee is a satanist for twisting sacred stories meant to instruct and inspire. He butchers Revelation by insisting on a literal interpretation, which can only mean death and suffering for millions, once it’s set in motion in the real world. Manipulation, deception, complete disregard for human life and civilization? That’s satanism in anybody’s book, and I don’t care how many bibles and talmuds you thump!

I included that diversive rant to illustrate the intensive effort that’s gone into the contrived Armageddon operation. Bro. Rob Morris appears to have been in on the planning of the project in its early stages. He was active in Palestine in the final days of the Ottoman Empire, founding and organizing masonic lodges, establishing networks and most importantly, promulgating the “waitin’-on-Jesus” mindset of the Church of the Messiah.

Unsurprisingly, there’s not much else to be found on the Internet concerning Morris’ “Church of the Messiah.” The group did not last long as its cohesion broke down under the harsh and primitive conditions of Palestine and personal differences among the members. Still, the blueprint was drawn and the seed planted. Hagee and a long line of Christian Zionist evangelists have been able to profit from this arrangement set up by Morris and Company, very well.

Another interesting fact I’ve come across is that the release date for Dig , March 5th, matches the day Bro. Rob Morris became a Master Mason. It happened in Oxford, Mississippi in the year 1846.

March Fifth can be expressed as 3/5 or 5/3. The words “Religion and “Oligarchy” both have 53 and 46 gematria.

Just to review, “Temple Mount,” “Armageddon” and “John Hagee” also have 46 gematria.

In this operation, the world’s oligarchy, has been using religion to sow division and set off wars. We should keep in mind that religious conflict, or “holy war” is general more destructive than than the secular variety. It creates even more scarcity, debt and general chaos. However, these upheavals create opportunities for greater control over the people. The super-wealthy have stooges like Morris and Hagee to carry out the agenda. I’ll have more on those connections in future posts.

March Fifth is also the 64th day of the year.

There is another important date sync concerning Jewish history which occurred on this day. In the year 363 AD, history reports that the Roman emperor Julian, known to Christian history as ‘Julian the Apostate” ordered that the Jewish Temple be rebuilt. Unfortunately, he died in battle fighting the Persians, so his command was ignored. The early Catholic Church was already replacing the paganism that Julian wanted to preserve. He knew that Jews could be allies in this effort against the Vatican, since the Christians persecuted both pagans and Jews. That, at least, is what history would have us believe.

Julian the Apostate Presiding at a Conference of Sectarians, by Edward Armitage, 1875, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

This is where May Seventh becomes even more important to the Armageddon riddle. 5/7 is the date of Bro. Rob’s cave ceremony in 1873, and the date for the final episode of Dig. To this sync, we have to add May Seventh, 70 A.D. That was the first full day after the Roman army under Vespasian and Titus had broken through the outer wall of Jerusalem.

The eventual destruction of the Second Temple occurred later that same year on August 4th, 8/4. This crushing blow to Hebrew nationalism is commemorated on Tisha B’Av. This year the religious holiday occurs on the dates of August 10th and 11th. August 11, 2019 is of course the day that Zach warns about.

Another important date in Jewish history occurred on May 7th. In 351, the Jews of Palestine revolted against Rome. With this in mind, Julian’s offer to rebuild the temple twelves years later on the same day, May 7th brings the historical allusions full circle.

The reason that the dates vary for Jewish observances is based on the annual cycle of the Moon and the lunar calendar, which causes the dating to oscillate over the solar Gregorian calendar.

The word “Moon” has 57 gematria. The term “Scottish Rite” also has 57 gematria, which is fitting since that masonic organization is the one that Bro. Morris and his fellow travelers belonged to, and still do.

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention, Bro. Morris was also the founder of the Order of the Eastern Star, the feminine branch of masonry. The image below is from Bro. Morris’ funerary monument, not a cross, but a giant obelisk.

I’m not sure what the word “FATAL” and an inverted pentagram have to do with the religion of peace and love, but this emblem is the main symbol of the Order of the Eastern Star, which he founded.

These are difficult facts of history that create emotional pressures within religious groups like Christianity, Judaism and Islam, which can then be exploited by masonic manipulators and their bankster backers.

In the next post, I’ll take closer look at more of the predictive programming encoded within the Dig series.

Deep Zone Update on Researching The End Times Conspiracy

I’ve done a couple of videos recently that explain why Zach Hubbard’s prediction of a false flag attack on the Dome of the Rock, to clear the way for the planned Third Temple of Jerusalem is probably coming sooner than later. From the standpoints of gematria, numerology and history, the date of August 11, 2019 is looming large, and for good reason.

I think watching Zach’s playlist on this topic will be the best place to start if you’re not familiar with how the Jewish holiday of Tisha B’Av, which is basically a memorial for the loss of the first two temples, Solomon’s Temple and Herod’s Temple.

The span of 146 years is interesting. Since 146 echoes the name “Jesus Christ”in Reverse Ordinal, I wondered what would happen if I wrote “Birth of the Antichrist.” I knew that satanists and freemasonic manipulators love inverting and reversing words and numbers so I followed a hunch. As it turns out I was correct in making that connection.

Birth of the Antichrist = 146 in Reverse Single Reduction. In the reversed alphabet, [H-] is the 19th letter. Reducing 19 as in 1 + 9 = 10 still leaves a double digit, the only letter to do so in the reverse alphabet. In Reverse Full Reduction Birth of the Antichrist = 119. This is another very important number to the encoded operation, which I discuss more fully in the videos linked at the end of the post.

The reason for the date May 7, 1873 is this. On that day there was a masonic ceremony in Zedekiah’s Cave to inaugurate the first masonic lodge of the Holy Land of modern times. I say “modern times” because the other name for Zedekiah’s Cave is “King Solomon’s Quarries.” Solomon is credited with being one of the first freemasons of ancient times. Hiram Abiff, the mythical builder of Solomon’s Temple was said to have quarried the stone from the man-made cave, which grew over time.

As I discussed in the videos I’ve done so far, there was probably not an actual live birth, but a symbolic one, a birth, or actually a quickening of the End Times Conspiracy. I’ve got facts to back this up, that we’ll go over in the coming posts and videos. But for now, in Reverse Full Reduction “May Seventh Eighteen Seventy Three” = 142.

August 11th, the 223rd day of the year leaves 142 days on the calendar. Forensic gematria tells us that these are the kind of date and number combinations that show up in these cases.

I just wanted to provide some background for those who haven’t had the opportunity to learn about these troubling discoveries.

Proof of Gematria in the OFFICIAL Archaeological record of Zedekiah’s Cave or King Solomon’s Quarries

The number 119 is of utmost importance to the Freemasons and Zionists.

Star of David, All-Seeing Eye, King James Bible, Orthodox, High Priest, Divine Rule, Birthright and Master Plan all have 119 gematria. From this collection of keywords that all sum to 119, it’s easy to see why 119 would have such preeminence for the Freemason-Zionist oligarchy.

As can be seen in the screenshot below from 3/3/2019, the webpage  for the excavations at Zedekiah’s Cave are documented in “Volume 119,” a perfect match with the English Ordinal gematria of 119. **

There’s also something interesting in the date numerology of the report, as we see below.

I snagged the following syncs for 134 from Zach Hubbard’s blog.

Tisha B’Av = 134
Ninth of Av = 134
Netanyahu = 134
Terrorize = 134
Impeach = 134
Make America Great Again = 134

As you can see 134 is a very relevant number to the scenario that’s been built up through hints in the media and the evident use of numerology and gematria. The date numerology of 57 for the report’s 12/18/2007 date adds up to 57.

One could reasonably interpret the “7 months, 11 days” several ways, but for our purposes, the words Antichrist equals 77 in Reverse Single-Reduction is most appropriate.

Other important words that ties into 77 include,

United States = 77
Judaism = 77
Zionist = 77
Power = 77

Another thing worthy of mention is that December 18th leaves 13 days on the calendar year. Thirteen is another important number to the Freemasons and Zionists for many reasons, but in this setting , 13 is the second star number. An infographic of star numbers appears below on the video thumbnail.

That takes us back to the date of the ‘Birth of the Antichrist’ ritual of May 7, 1873 described in the video


Why Was Christopher Marlowe Killed? Gematria Weighs In

In the last post we revealed that Christopher Marlowe was more than likely assassinated on the orders of the 16th century Venetian merchant of blood and death, Paolo Sarpi. He’s the man I now call the Wolf of the Lagoon for his restless scheming and crimes against humanity. But most of all, this crypto-atheist monk thought nothing of killing the greatest playwright of the day, Kit Marlowe. That nickname, Kit Marlowe was a term of endearment that men like Paolo Sarpi never receive “in this miserable life.”

Christopher Marlowe

I use the quotation merely to point out the words that Sarpi wrote himself to describe the gift of life. Kit Marlowe affirmed life in every line he ever wrote. That’s ultimately why Sarpi and his confederates in England decided they had to kill him.

An 18th century engraving of Paolo Sarpi.

To illustrate what I mean by this, I’m quoting from Gerald Rose’s “The Venetian Takeover of England: A 200-Year Project.” Concerning Marlowe’s treatment of Venetian methods and influence in his plays, he writes,

The best way to understand the evil of Venice is to look at the great poets’ portrayal of the unbelievable duplicity that Venice represented: portrayals by Marlowe in The Jew of Malta, and by Shakespeare in The Merchant of Venice and especially in Othello, the Moor of Venice. The quintessential Venetian is Iago.

The Venetian Take Over of England

With what we researched in the last article , i.e. Daniel Estulin’s discovery of the very letter Sarpi wrote to his minions in England, calling for the death of Marlowe, we can start putting more of the pieces together. In reference to Paolo Sarpi, Gerald Rose tells us this,

Paolo Sarpi was nominally a Servite monk who was exceptionally talented. Yet he was much more. He was the leading organizer of the Giovani. Out of the Giovani salons and secret society, Venice planned the destruction of Christianity in what was later to be called Freemasonry.
In a book about Sarpi, … Wootton proves that Sarpi was the creator of empiricism and taught Francis Bacon his so-called scientific method. The thesis of this book, which the author proves conclusively, is that Sarpi, while nominally a Catholic monk, revealed himself in his philosophical work to be a radical atheist.

In the prologue of Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta, the methods outlined by the Luciferian-character, allegorically named MACHIAVEL are typical of the cynicism and arrogance of the Venetian oligarchy. Of course, Sarpi was the leader of this detestable clique of murderous dandies. When he read Marlowe’s blistering satire, he must have taken it personally. The shoe fit a bit too well for Kit’s own good in this case. Here’s a choice excerpt of MACHIAVEL channeling Sarpi on the English stage.

There’s nothing wrong with being an atheist, I suppose, as long as you’re an honest atheist, who doesn’t use religion to manipulate people and nations to destroy each other. In the case of Paolo Sarpi, this was what he did all in a day’s work.

Marlowe has MACHIAVEL tells us that the “intelligent” ruler is unencumbered by religious or spiritual sentiments. He writes his edicts blood just as Draco did in Dark Age ancient Greece. This was also the Venetian way and Marlowe exposes it masterfully. So now that we have “empirical” facts, the kind that the Janus-faced Bro. Sarpi claims to have lived by, let us now open the proverbial can of gematria, stewed in numerology, on this incredibly duplicitous man.

I count religion but a childish toy / And hold there is no sin but ignorance.
Birds of the air will tell of murders past!
I am asham’d to hear such fooleries.
Many will talk of title to a crown:
What right had Caesar to the empery?
Might first made kings, and laws were then most sure
When, like the Draco’s, they were writ in blood.

The Jew of Malta

Below are the encompassing dates for the life and death of the poet Christopher “Kit” Marlowe.

As we noted in the last article, 26 shows up big in Marlowe’s numbers. 26 is considered the “God number” since the word “God” has 26 gematria. He was born and died on days with 26 numerology. He was also born on the 26th day of the month. He lived for a span of 351 months and 5 days. 351 is the 26th triangular number, which means that by adding the numbers 1 through 26, as in 1 + 2 + 3 … up to 26, yields the sum 351.

When you add in the gematria for “Christopher Marlowe,” you end up with a cluster of gematria so twisted, it’s what I now call a Sarpic coincidence, after Paolo Sarpi himself.

Imagine that, “Sarpic coincidence” = 150 in English Ordinal. Marlowe was killed on May 30th, the 150th day of the year. Didn’t plan that, just happened, so there’s a bit of organic gematria confirming the general trend. Now back to work!

While we’re on 53, let’s consider it’s importance for the symbolism it embodies. Both the words, religion and oligarchy have 53 reduced gematria. Paolo Sarpi and the Venetian state, the archetype for oligarchic control, fomented wars of religion to keep the other powers of Europe in their thrall. Marlowe used tragedy and poetry to expose how Venice was making the world suffer through divisive wars.

One of the earlier religious wars between

If we think of Marlowe as a martyr for art and truth, then the choice of May Thirtieth 5/30 for his assassination has another strong layer of symbolism to add to the mix.

Prokop was the commander of Hussite forces in the Hussite Wars. He died at the battle of Lipany on 5/30. The Hussites were a pre-Reformation heretical sect that defied Roman rule and Catholic kings. Prokop was a hero and martyr to his people. Jerome of Prague was one of John Hus’ main supporters, so he was burned at the stake for his refusal to recant his beliefs.

The Hussite Wars were a prelude to the much more destructive Thirty Years War which ravaged Bohemia once again, along with Germany. The protracted war of religious hatred was finally ended on May 30, 1635. The Venetians were up to their eyeballs with double-dealing on both sides.

We always have to keep in mind that England and Venice were absorbed into each other out of what they saw as mutually beneficial arrangement.

If we take a closer look at the numerology of May 30, 1593 we find other significant syncs with gematria of Kit Marlowe. If we keep the double digits intact, the numerology of that day was 143.

5 + 30 + 15 + 93 = 143

There is one more thing to consider in closing. Marlowe was using gematria-coded satire in his choice of MACHIAVEL for his Luciferian Prologue. The name, of course, comes from the “philosopher” Machiavelli, who authored the infamous manual of tyranny, the little book known as The Prince .