Racial Division Propaganda Closes Out Black History Month with Several Connections in History

On February 29, 2016 the poison program of racial division was advanced by a high school skit gone bad in Barrington, IL. 

In this article, I’m going to use numbers, dates and history to show that these stories are all part of a strategy.  It’s meant to drive the American people further along into racial division and a possible race war, if we don’t wake up.

For those not familiar with numerology, it’s the symbolic study of numbers. One of its sister sciences is gematria, the study of  numerical symbolism encoded within letters, words and phrases. Gematria is used to reveal and conceal messages and signals to those “in the know” and to condition and confound those who aren’t. In gematria letters are assigned a number and  then added up. What often emerges are meaningful numbers that can be decoded into a story. There are many sites on YouTube that show how to use this skill. I’ve included links below. It’s been practiced by elites for thousands of years and the globalist media is all about coding news and manipulating behavior through this ancient form of subliminal programming. 

Since 1976,  February has been designated Black History Month.February 29th only happens every four years, therefore one should be able expect the news to be filled with inspiring feature stories on legends from black history.  Not on this day! Instead, the American people were served up more hate and animosity.
For instance, the mock slave auction in Barrington, Illinois that supposedly just happened last week.  The way it was reported, a couple of jolly jokers from the Barrington High School Latin class tried to reenact the scene of an ancient slave market for a Classics Study convention at a local hotel. Naturally, people were shocked and uncomfortable with their performance. The whole thing would appear to be the result of clowning around by some teenagers. Hardly the stuff of a national news story. In defense of the blurred-out bunglers, slavery in the Roman Empire was not the result of racial prejudice of whites against blacks. The Romans were equal opportunity enslavers. Yet, in the propagandized media environment we’re in now, that aspect of the story was also blurred. In fact, it was bumped up to front line agenda-promoting status. 

However there’s another dramatic performance associated with leap year that actually involves an Oscar. 

Hattie McDaniel was the first African-American to ever win an Academy Award. That was on February 29, 1940. That was precisely 76 years and a day ago from this incident in Barrington.  Seventy-six is of course a very important year in our nation’s history. It was in 1776 that our country was founded. As stated above, Black History Month itself was established in 1976. 

Hattie McDaniel, the Academy Awards’ first African-American recipient
 in Gone with the Wind. She won Best Supporting Actress for
 her role as “Mammy.”

However, the most revealing connection with the 1940 Oscars is this. From what I can tell in the dozens of news articles about this skit, the only parent the media talked to goes by the name of Danielle McDaniels

It just seems a little funny. Of all days for this story to break, it had to be on another four-year leap day on February 29 exactly 76 years from the date for the first ever Oscar awarded to an African-American. The similarity between the two names Hattie McDaniel and Danielle McDaniels is uncanny to say the least. The movie that Hattie McDaniel won Best Supporting Actress for in 1940 was Gone with the Wind. Of course, it remains one of the most divisive films in American history, because it romanticizes slavery and the parasitic culture of the Old South. 

With 1976 being the first year for Black History Month, the names syncing-up, the allusions to other racially-charged episodes in history, I think coincidence has been reduced to a low order of probability. This year’s Oscar’s was the scene of more racial tension as no African-Americans were even nominated.  However the propaganda doesn’t stop there.

Barrington, Ill is basically an affluent white-flight suburb of Chicago.  The racial makeup of Barrington is about 85% white, 15% everybody else.  However, the most famous name associated with Barrington belongs to the city Barrington, IL was named after, which is Great Barrington, MA. The African-American writer and sociologist W.E.B.Dubois haled from there. 

Now here’s where things get a little difficult for me. The most racially hateful word in the world is “nigger.” I don’t like saying it, and I don’t like writing it either. I consider it a weaponized word that has no valid use in civil society. But in this kind of language forensics, I’m going to have to analyze it to show how these people who lurk in the shadows have been playing all of us for a long, long time. 

Nigger in the English Reduction system = 42 (5+9+7+7+5+9)
Freemason in the English Reduction system = 42 (6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5)
February in the English Reduction system = 42 (6+5+2+9+3+1+9+7) 

The first African-American to play in Major League baseball was #42 Jackie Robinson. The movie about his life is also named 42.  There is a reason it was called 42 and there’s a reason that number was put on his jersey.  

Now we know the real reason why February was chosen as Black History Month. 

In the media, this incident was reported as being a “mock slave auction” Here’s the breakdown on that.

Mock in the English Ordinal system = 42 (13+15+3+11) 

Slave in the English Ordinal system = 59 (19+12+1+22+5)
Negro in the English Ordinal system = 59 (14+5+7+18+15)

There is a discernable pattern going on with the number 59 when it comes to African-Americans. Going into detail on that will take more time that I have for now. However I’ll provide a couple of connections here.

Blues in the English Ordinal system = 59 (2+12+21+5+19)
Strange Fruit in the English Reduction system = 59 (1+2+9+1+5+7+5+0+6+9+3+9+2)

“Strange Fruit” is, of course, the title of Billie Holiday’s alarmingly graphic song about lynching.

The first novel ever published by an African-American woman titled Our Nig, by Harriet Wilson was released on September 5, 1859. or 9/5/1859. 9/5 is even a reflection 5/9!

The media said students from a “Latin class” staged a “mock slave auction.”Also, it was white students who offended people in the audience who were black. 

Latin class in the English Reduction system equals = 29 (3+1+2+9+5+0+3+3+1+1+1)
Black in the English Ordinal system equals = 29 (2+12+1+3+11)
White in the English Reduction system equals = 29 (5+8+9+2+5)
Auction in the English Reduction system = 29 (1+3+3+2+9+6+5)
Africa in the English Reduction system = 29 (1+6+9+9+3+1)

Although the convention took place in Itasca, IL, the news article noted that it was African-American students and parents from Kenwood Academy who were naturally  the most distressed. The number matches between Kenwood Academy and Freemasonry, the probable source of this agitation

Kenwood Academy in the English Ordinal system = 139 (11+5+14+23+15+15+4+0+1+3+1+4+5+13+25)
Freemasonry in the English Ordinal system = 139 (6+18+5+5+13+1+19+15+14+18+25)

Kenwood Academy in the English Reduction system = 58 (2+5+5+5+6+6+4+0+1+3+1+4+5+4+7)
Freemasonry in the English Reduction system = 58 (6+9+5+5+4+1+1+6+5+9+7)

Kenwood in the English Reduction system = 33 (2+5+5+5+6+6+4)
Masonry in the English Reduction system = 33 (4+1+1+6+5+9+7)
Race War in the English Reduction system = 33 (9+1+3+5+0+5+1+9)
Outrage in the English Reduction system = 33

I also saw some meaningful connections between the larger location of Chicago, keywords from the article’s headline and larger connections from well-known history.

Chicago in the English Reduction system = 37 (3+8+9+3+1+7+6)
Apparent in the English Reduction system = 37 (1+7+7+1+9+5+5+2)
Outraged in the English Reduction system = 37 (6+3+2+9+1+7+5+4)
Jim Crow in the English Reduction system = 37 (1+9+4+0+3+9+6+5)

At this point, let me add this. Even though there’s a chance that this incident may have actually happened spontaneously, the way it was packaged and presented leaves no doubt that it was manipulated by the media for maximum divisive effect. Gematria and numerology can tell only so much and the questions raised here would have to answered by the participants and the media.

Also, if this actually happened, just as the African-American students and parents, I’m sure most of the white people there would have found the performance disturbing. I would have reacted the way they did.

Why didn’t the media talk to white parents or student to get their reactions?

Would that not have been the “balanced” way to do it?

Why did the media only put one person named “Danielle McDaniels” before us? — whose name matches up with “Hattie McDaniel”  as explained earlier.

Still, once again the main point to bear in mind is that the televised presentation was filled with code words that are divisive and manipulative.

Here are a couple of sites I use to add up the letter/number combinations of the various systems, which are used together in these propaganda stories to shape the hidden narrative for whatever hook they’re reaching for.

That way, you can see learn how to do this yourself. Also, the YouTube video on the left, goes into more detail about how to decode with the ciphers and a calculator so you can learn the ways the various systems work. The channel belongs to Zach Hubbard who is a great guy to learn this skill from. 



UPDATED: Interesting New Connections in the Lincoln Assassination

Th Lincoln assassination and it’s cover-up are among the most infamous and misunderstood episodes in American history. They’re also misrepresented and controversial. For instance, everyone knows that the official assassin was John Wilkes Booth and that he was supposed to have shot Lincoln during an afternoon performance at the Ford Theater.

Gardner’s photograph of Lewis Powell, the conspirator who
 was accused of  attempting to kill Sec. Edward Seward in his
part of the plot against Lincoln.  

What most people still do not realize or take into account is that nine other people were suspects in the trial for Lincoln’s murder. This fact gets obscured in the official myth of Lincoln’s murder, because it does not fit the cover story formula of the lone-nut assassin. The Lincoln assassination’s conspiratorial nature occurred before that kind of tidy narrative was perfected. When it does get talked about, the usual reason for the conspiracy was to revive the Southern cause and to resume the fight against the United States. However, this explanation leads to troubling inconsistencies that have lingered ever since.

The fact that Lincoln was facilitating fundamental, structural changes to the money system of the United States–changes similar to the ones John F. Kennedy was undertaking before he was killed– is rarely discussed by mainstream historians.

Lincoln instituted a national bank that actually used the government’s constitutional power of creating its own credit without being in debt to the central European banks, This policy, more than any other, created a potent motivation for those above Lincoln in the hierarchy of world power to have him eliminated.

 Lincoln also had powerful political enemies who did not share his enthusiasm for saving the Union or ending slavery. He also had to fire several generals and officials for their actions, or lack thereof when it came to fighting the war.

The prevalence of secret societies like the Knights of the Golden Circle and Freemasonry in this era makes the possibility of wider conspiracy even greater. Secret societies would have given powerful enemies cover, a means to communicate strategy and willing operatives to carry it out.  The web of relationships and its wide variety of interpretation make Masonry complex and paradoxical at times. Lincoln was not a Mason, but he voiced his respect for the organization on several occasions. Apparently this opinion was based on the Masonic doctrine of “making good men better.” Yet, as history has shown, evil men will take advantage of an organization like Masonry with its hierarchical structure and institutional secrecy for destructive purposes.

Alexander Gardner was one of the foremost photographers of his day. Photographic Sketchbook of the Civil War is probably his most well-known work. Obviously, the war was very profitable for Gardner who supplemented his war correspondent job with fees for soldiers’ portraits while they were on leave in Washington. He was also an early precursor of the post-modern art of creative journalism. Gardner would often transport fallen soldiers to more photogenic locations for his pictures. He’d also arrange entire scenes to get that just-right shot.

Dave McGowan noticed that the mugshot photographs Gardner took of several of the accused conspirators are perhaps the most artistic ever done. While they were interrogated, Gardner took their pictures aboard the U.S. Navy ironclads Montauk and Saugus. McGowan made these observations,

Ed Spangler the stagehand was also pardoned in 1869.  

…No one else… had one of the top professional photographers of the era come by to take their mugshots. No one else had the benefit of dramatic backdrops, professional lighting, and flattering poses and camera angles. And no one else was photographed by…Gardner..who took the last known images of President Abraham Lincoln.

 When called upon to photograph the people accused of plotting against that president, Gardner rose to the occasion. The images of the alleged Lincoln conspirators are arguably the finest work that the Civil War photographer ever did. The portraits of the conspirators’ victim, taken not long before Lincoln’s death, are rather lackluster in comparison.

Even though early mugshots were often glamorized, McGowan is right about the contrast one sees in the photos. Gardner’s treatment of President Lincoln, two months before his assassination seems rushed and prosaic when compared with the cinematographic detail and precision of the images of the conspirators. The picture below on the left does capture the fatigue and mental pressure that Lincoln must have been feeling from the war.Gardner’s gift for achieving depth and realism is there also, but the contrast is pretty alarming.

This picture of Lincoln was taken by
Gardner on February 5, 1865.  
Samuel Arnold was also pardoned by Johnson
1869. Gardner caught a perfect shot of his
ruggedly handsome features.

Considering that the accused were tortured, shackled and covered with thick leather hoods to keep them from talking, when they weren’t posing for those well-crafted photographs, Gardner’s conspirators collection is, indeed, very odd.

The puzzling thing about the images is why spend all that time and energy to glamorize the suspects? Wouldn’t someone loyal to Lincoln attempt to do the opposite, or at least go for more objective, less contrived photographs? When Gardner was creating these sensationalist newspaper images for public consumption, was he motivated by his own greed, vainglory or was he simply “doing his job” within the accepted norms of his time? Given the photographic evidence and the newly discovered connections, I think we have to consider the possibility that Gardner  may have been protecting others by diverting public attention away from them and onto the accused with  these extraordinary photos.

Gardner photographed the conspirators’ execution and the last known alleged photograph of John Wilkes Booth’s corpse, immediately after he was said to have been shot, while escaping. He was certainly always on the scene!  However, that particular photo has never seen the light of day. The story goes that once Gardner turned it over to Lafayette Baker and/or Edwin Stanton–you get the picture.

In 1868 just after the war, Gardner released Photographic Sketchbook of the Civil War . That’s when he found out that the nation’s interest in the recent conflict did not match his own. It was a commercial disaster. His various bios online note that he became Union Pacific’s official photographer soon after and traveled the West. The photographs of railroad construction, the Native-Americans and townsfolk he met along the way are powerfully engaging.

This is a postcard/claims notification from the Masonic Mutual Relief
 Association,which Gardner headed after “retiring” from photography 
in 1872. His name appears at the bottom. 

Gardner’s artistry and talent are undeniable. His bios mostly say that after 1871 he gave up photography and founded an insurance company in Washington, D.C. He lived there until his death in 1882.

When I read that Gardner started up an insurance company after a successful photography career,  I was curious because Gardner was the kind of guy who always had a lot of help around him. I figured this career move was no different. Sure enough, he was not some owner of some small independent insurance company that his bios seem to imply. Gardner was the acting head of the Masonic Mutual Relief Association for the District of Columbia. Anyone with that job would probably  have to be a Mason, as well.

This portrait of Albert Pike was taken by Gardner in 
1880. Although they were enemies during war, Pike 
was Gardner’s superior in the world of Masonry. 

The photo of Albert Pike to the right, in full Masonic regalia, was taken by Gardner in 1880.  Albert Pike, of course, was the disgraced Confederate general who had to be pardoned by the corrupt successor of Lincoln, “President” Andrew Johnson to keep him out of prison for war crimes committed under his command. Johnson, by the way, was also a Mason. It seems that Gardner would occasionally come out of retirement to snap a pic his old buddies, especially when it involved the august and venerable Albert Pike, who I’ll probably get to in more detail in a future post.

Allan Pinkerton was another controversial character connected to Gardner. He was the head of security and intelligence in Lincoln’s administration at the onset of the Civil War. It was Pinkerton who brought Gardner to the attention of Lincoln.

One of Gardner’s photographs of Lincoln is the one below, with Pinkerton and Union Major General John A. McClernand. Just as Pinkerton had brought Gardner into the White House circle, McClernand, also a Mason, had earlier done the same for Pinkerton. He’s the shifty-eyed fellow on the left with his hand hidden. The Major General is the guy on the right looking at Lincoln with his hand hidden. The hidden hand pose was, of course, merely a fashionable visual gesture, in vogue during the 18th and 19th centuries. Napoleon, Karl Marx, British Prime Minister Gladstone, most of the men around Lincoln, were all flashing it. One thing is for sure though, I’ve never seen a picture of Abraham Lincoln with his hand tucked in his suit like that! For a fuller explanation of the symbolism of the hidden hand, read this.

This picture is creepy!

The look of disillusion on Lincoln’s face is probably due to the Union army’s embarrassing defeat due in part to the incredibly bad intelligence that Pinkerton’s agency routinely gave Lincoln. How in the world did that happen? In any case, it eventually got him fired.  However, both Pinkerton and Gardner found lucrative employment with Union Pacific after the war. It’s all very intriguing to say the least. By the way, McClernand was fired by Gen. Grant for incompetence and insubordination. He tried to get Lincoln to help him, but it didn’t work.

I’m going to return to this topic again soon, as there are even more questions, connections and possible answers to discuss. I realize this is a vast subject with commentary and new facts coming out all the time. So, if I’ve missed something, let me know. I’ll take a look at it.


After a little digging, I found out that Alexander Gardner was a member of the Baneemytes, a Mormon sect that was led by Charles B. Thompson. The settlement was called Preparation. The Preparation Canyon State Park in Morehead, Iowa is located on its former site. The various bios I found left out those facts. For instance, Wikipedia only stated he was a member of a cooperative community in Monoma, Iowa and that he had returned to Scotland to raise money for the community. He used part of that money to buy the Glasgow Sentinel from Robert Buchanan, another Owenite socialist. The paper appears to have been typical of the partisan propaganda press of the day. So, it appears that not only was Alexander Gardner a closet freemason. He was also a Mormon and a utopian socialist when he was called on to play those roles. 


Water, the Magically Simple Liquid We Haven’t Figured Out Just Yet

Water seems like such a simple substance, liquid, clear, tasteless and odorless. It has a hydrogen atom with two of oxygen. What more is there to know? Well, there’s quite a bit more! When a person decides to make personal health and well-being an individual responsibility, the first consideration is water. We all understand how water is the source of all life and how life cannot exist without it. I go a step farther by adding that one’s quality of life depends on the quality of the water one consumes. As pointed out in the other blog posts on this topic, water pollution from industry and fluoridation wreak havoc on human health. There are numerous, reliable methods to avoid these pollutants through various types of spring waters, bottled waters, filters and distillers, and they all have their merits. Yet, there are many factors to consider when beginning a personal hydration and purification program. Not all water is the same. According to Dr. Gerald Pollock, one of the most knowledgeable researchers in the biophysics of water, “In terms of the water that we drink, it’s really a complicated issue….We haven’t a clue how water works.”

The photo on the right is a distorted water crystal from a polluted lake,
and the one on the right is from a clean mountain stream. The more defined
 and ordered the water is, the more useful it is to the body. 

That’s a startling admission! Still, according to Pollock, the confusion really stems from the mystery of how water seems to structure itself with surprising complexity on an atomic and molecular level in response to various stimuli. That might seem like a mere “That’s cool!”tidbit of scientific trivia. However, what Pollock and other researchers are finding out is that water is more than moisture and hydration for the body. Water is not only the source of all life, it is the architect of all life.

“How can that be?” you ask. If you are not familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, then I strongly recommend watching the video on the left. You will see that living water, the kind of water that comes from pristine mountain springs, the healing waters of  Lourdes and the Ganges river, and the water we infuse with our own positive thought patterns is very different from ordinary water. The microscopes and cameras do not lie. The water does not lie. When we look at water with this understanding, it shows us what our hearts already know. Our thoughts have power. Whatever we’re thinking, that’s what we’re sending out into the world. Thoughts and images of tenderness and beauty quicken the life force of nature within and around us. Those full of hate and strife destroy that connection.

While, the full implications of these discoveries have yet to be assessed, the potential of this science, from our vantage point seems to be limitless. As you can see in the video I’ve linked to here, when red blood cells are not receiving a proper negative charge in the watery plasma that surrounds them, they tend to stick together in globs and chains. When the red blood cells are packed together too closely, this prevents them from getting a full load of oxygen to deliver to the other cells of the body. As shown by the doctor in the video, when a person drinks even a small amount of structured water, the red blood cells separate, which increases the amount of oxygen getting to the body. More oxygen to your cells means more life, more energy and less disease. Still, its important to keep in mind, the dramatic results of this experiment only scratch the surface of the full promise of structured water.

Structured, negatively charged water seems to be a crucial component of all cellular processes. It also appears that nutrients and minerals are absorbed more deeply, waste matter and worn-out electrochemical material are ejected more thoroughly and efficiently in a medium of structured water.

Photographs taken by Dr. Emoto’s team of researchers show how water is 
affected by unseen vibrational energies. The crystallization of water,  as 
found in snowflakes, occurs when water comes in contact with positive energy. 
Negative energy ravages and disrupts that process. 

Of all of the strange and wonderful kinds of knowledge I’ve explored recently, none generates more cynicism and ridicule as does structured water. I believe there are good reasons for this, other than the fact that left-brainers, ironically in this case, have a hard time believing their eyes! When the world realizes that water records vibrational energy, it will spell the end of several parasitic cartels and monopolies. The pharmaceutical and medical industries will have to learn to survive with fewer sick patients. The lawyers will have fewer opportunities to cash in on crime. The arms dealers, warmongers and world manipulators will have a much harder time convincing humans to kill each other in their wars. The old divide-and-conquer playbook of the governing class will be totally obsolete. However, I think the biggest threat to the status quo of woe is this; we’ll eventually learn in more detail what water is telling us. The big lies, hoaxes and deceptions that have blinded the human race to our true spiritual origin and destiny will be blown out of the water, for good. 

Reclaiming Our Body Chemistry Is a Revolutionary Act

The adverse effects of fluoride on the pineal gland, and overall brain health are well known. Yet, the six-decades old fluoridation campaign by U.S. government, dental and medical establishments, industrial manufacturers and public relations firms continues. This powerful fluoride cartel still engages in the tactics of ridicule and professional exile for independent medical researchers who bring to light fluoride’s links to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, lowered IQ, osteoporosis and other serious problems. The good news is that despite the cartel’s attempts at sabotage and propaganda, more information is getting out. People are beginning to rethink fluoride.

When we listen to the signals within and take action, the sleeping giant of our
true potential awakens! 

When I started looking into the problem of stealth toxicity from chemicals and metals, I had no idea of the level of exposure that most of us deal with in our modern world. Although pharmaceutical companies try to deny it, extremely high levels of mercury and aluminum have been found in vaccines and flu shots [1]. However, when fluoride combines with these and other toxic metals, it most likely increases their absorption through the intestinal wall. Fluoride also makes it easier for aluminum particles to pass through the blood-brain barrier. This phenomenon has been linked to Parkinson’s, ALS and Alzheimer’s disease [2] [3] [4] [5].

Acidic food products like tomato sauce, soft drinks and beer cause aluminum to seep from aluminum cookware and containers. Antiperspirants contain high levels of aluminum that can lead to breast cancer. Most antacids contain aluminum. It’s added to salt, cocoa, and baking powder. Aluminum is used as a base for many cosmetic products. Most municipal water companies also add aluminum to the water supply as a scrubbing agent. [6].  It seems to me at least, we’re all getting more than our fair share of aluminum.

The catalog of the disease-causing toxins that humans have introduced into the environment and food and drug supply is astounding [7] [8] [9]. It seems overwhelming when we are trying to minimize our exposure and the harm these substances cause to our health.  Granted, there is probably no way to completely eliminate toxins from our post-modern lives. However, with knowledge, willingness to change and some discipline in making choices, we can do a great deal to increase longevity and quality of life. Once we simply minimize our intake of toxins and give the body what it needs to heal and repair, health, energy and inner power are within our grasp.

I’m working on a whole other article about water and its healing properties but for now, let me say this. When you’re getting accumulated fluoride and other harmful toxins out of your body, water is the main factor. I’ve been buying distilled or spring water from the supermarket but I’m planning on getting my own distiller soon. The important thing is to cut out as much fluoride as possible, which means staying away from most processed drinks and food and using a source of water that is free of fluoride.

I’ve included a few resources below that have helped me to find a way through the toxic wasteland. I will be adding posting more about this topic of reclaiming our body chemistry.

The Borax Conspiracy by Walter Last

This article blew me away! Adding boron, a trace mineral that is essential for life, to my supplementation has improved my health in many ways. Yes, hard to believe, but true. Borax, in tiny, tiny amounts is incredibly healthy. It has definitely helped my sense of taste and smell, which I did not expect. Colors also seem to brighter than before. It think it has increased my spiritual awareness because of the pineal gland support it gives. It has helped my joints and skin. I don’t have aches and pain in legs anymore. It’s powerful information.


I’ve watched several videos on iodine. I’ve included a few of the more informative here When it comes to detoxing from fluoride, iodine is very important! As I’ve mentioned and documented before, fluoride, chlorine and bromine, all toxic halogens that are present in our food and water supply, kick out iodine from our glands. because of their similar atomic structure. However, you can eliminate those toxic halogens from your body by using iodine. That’s right, iodine supplementation will reverse the process. The glands will only absorb those harmful halogens when they cannot access enough iodine. Iodine will also boost your immune system by killing blood pathogens like bacteria and viruses. When all that begins taking place, a sense of renewed energy will soon follow. It’s amazing how much difference three drops a day can make!

*** As usually happens when it comes to research, one uncovers vast seas of new information on areas pertinent to the investigation. I thought that this series of articles on fluoride and the pineal gland would be a quick project. But as it’s turned out, it’s going to have to keep growing through other articles. Feel free to comment or send me some links or other data you think might be useful.***

Fluoride’s Poisonous Secrets Can No Longer Be Denied

Fluoride, as a household word, has been connected with claims of enhanced oral health and hygiene for so long that many people are now unaware that fluorine, the gaseous element that fluorides come from, is one of the most unstable, reactive and toxic elements in the known universe. Fluorine is so volatile that under normal circumstances it cannot exist in its elemental state for more than a few seconds, before it has reacted and bonded with some other substance.

Henri Moissan (left) and an assistant are shown during an
experiment. Moissan’s  isolation of fluorine gas gave
industrialists the power to produce vast profits, as well as
horrendous damage to human health and the environment. 

 In nature, it is usually found in rocks like fluorite. However, metallurgists had known for a long time that adding fluorite to metal ores was making it easier to extract iron during the smelting process. [1].  Then in the 1600s, hydrofluoric acid was discovered. Ever since, it has been used for etching glass because of its extremely caustic properties. The industrial potential for fluorine seemed limitless. Still, its toxicity and volatility was an ever-present danger.  Early attempts to isolate fluorine in the laboratory usually ended in injury or death.

Finally in 1886, Henri Moissan succeeded in isolating fluorine gas in the laboratory. This feat helped Massion to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1906. In the laudatory remarks for the occasion we read,

The whole world has admired the great experimental skill with which you have studied that savage beast among the elements [2].

It’s important to note the colorful language used here, because as we shall see, fluorine is indeed “savage” in its effects on human health and the environment. It’s interesting, that while Moissan escaped death while discovering how to isolate fluorine, he may have ultimately succumbed to its deadly effects in the long run. Only two months after receiving his Nobel prize, Moissan died of a ruptured appendix. In at least one study, gastrointestinal illness has been linked to acute overexposure to fluoride, which is not nearly as toxic as the pure fluorine gas he was probably exposed to in his experiments [3]

Once fluorine could be produced on an industrial scale, it’s toxic legacy would become forever linked with another twentieth century industrial element, aluminum. Industrialists had been working for years to make mass aluminum production economically feasible. The Hall-Heroult process, also discovered in 1886 made this possible. Once bauxite is reduced into aluminum oxide, it is then smelted into aluminum by using cryolite. Cryolite is a mineral compound containing sodium and fluorine, which extracts the aluminum from melted ore through electrolysis. The extremely toxic waste left behind is sodium fluoride [4]. This smelting process continues to be one of the principal sources of the fluoride added to municipal water supplies [5]. However, most fluoride for involuntary fluoridation comes from the fertilizer industry.

This is where the story gets more complex and frankly, sickening both morally and physically. Leftover highly toxic fluoride industrial waste from aluminum smelting had become a huge environmental and legal problem for ALCOA, the monopolist manufacturer of aluminum of the day. It’s was piling up in factories. It was leaking into the air. ALCOA was also brazenly dumping it into rivers where it was causing havoc and misery to both humans and animals. [6]. Class action lawsuits were piling up for the aluminum, steel and fertilizer industries and the manufacturers needed a solution.

Edward Bernays, the originator of the dubious profession of public relations, was hired by ALCOA to find a way around the troublesome catastrophe the industrialists had created for themselves [7]. For most of the twentieth century, Bernays was the go-to-guy for corporations who wanted to change Americans’ thinking and behavior on issues that affected the bottom line. The video below shows several of the public relations campaigns that were put in place by Bernays. 
However, with fluoridated municipal water, a new low was reached in deceiving and manipulating the public. I know what many are thinking, “Fluoride is good for your teeth! It prevents cavities!” If you believe that contested opinion, I must inform you that Edward Bernays is probably the reason you’ve been led to believe the way you do. “But the American Dental Association recommends fluoride!?!”  Yes, it does but only after Edward Bernays convinced the organization to do so. “But the ADA has nothing to gain by endorsing fluoridation!”

 I wish that were so, but here’s another of fluoride’s dirty secrets. Fluoride does increase hardening of teeth during childhood and early adolescence. However, by the time people reach adulthood and old age, it weakens them by making them brittle and prone to breakage and decay [8]. While the ADA 

tries to put itself in an altruistic light with the it’s-for-the-children argument, the millions of

The CDC estimates that 41% of
 children in the US have some form of 
dental fluorosis. The dental industry
 and medical establishment would 
like us to believe that fluorosis is only
 a cosmetic problemHowever, it is
the visible sign of  gradual and  
       persistent fluoride poisoning.

Americans with dental fluorosis, a disease brought on by fluoride intake, tells another story, Water fluoridation destroys teeth and provides steady income in the form of dentures, crowns, bridges and root canals. [9] [10] . Now I’m not saying that dentists are evil, but the indoctrination process they go through leaves little room for dissent on the fluoride issue [11].

Still, the most effective tactic of the fluoridators has been to discredit and marginalize anyone who questions or tries to tell the truth about fluoride’s devastating effects.  As Bernays himself wrote in his book Propaganda,

 If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway… Because man is by nature gregarious he feels himself to be member of a herd, even when he is alone in his room with the curtains drawn. His mind retains the patterns which have been stamped on it by the group influences. [12].

The fake dental check-up card, the child’s gleeful
excitement,  the homesy Norman Rockwell
painting, the professional endorsements
 and the clincher catch-phrase make fluoride seem
wholesome and harmless. 

In the case of fluoride, we have clear undeniable evidence of how this process works. In 1951, at the Fourth Annual Conference of State Dental Directors, the transcript of  the minutes from that conference contain many shocking admissions. At this conference, the speakers coached the attendees on what to say to concerned citizens and opposition forces on the matter of mass fluoridation. Dr F.A. Bull instructed the directors in these words,

The question of toxicity is on the same order. Lay off it altogether. Just pass it over. ‘We know there is absolutely no effect other than reducing tooth decay,’ you say, and go on. If it becomes an issue, then you will have to take it over, but don’t bring it up yourself. [13]

If you go to the transcript above, you’ll find even more of  Dr. Bull’s unsettling suggestions. However, I could not leave out this one. When the subject of dental fluorosis comes up, Dr. Bull made this recommendation

Now we tell them this, that at  one part  per million dental fluorosis brings about the most beautiful teeth that anyone ever had. And we show them pictures of such teeth. We don’t try to say there’s no such thing…but you have to have an answer. 

The crazy thing is not that Dr. Bull encourages the propagandists to invert the truth about fluoride poisoning, it’s the  that the ADA originally recommended only 1 ppm of fluoride to provide 1 mg per day, from the tap water. That was in 1951. Today, with most people brushing with fluoride toothpaste,  consuming processed food and drink with fluoridated water, most families cooking with tap water, hot baths and showers with fluoridated water, the amount of fluoride that the average American is exposed to on a daily basis is probably much higher than the original 1 mg per day target. [14] [15]. With that in mind, the EPA maximum allowable amount for drinking water is 4 ppm. [16]. That’s a level probably no one would have said was safe sixty years ago.

With the experts fielding questions,  the fluoridators knew that they had the groups they needed on board. Th government agencies like the PHS and CDC helped to spread the propaganda that Bernays and his team cooked up.

Mass fluoridation solved problems for several groups. I’m afraid there’s no way around it, the medical and dental professions bring in a lot more money with fluoridation. Because of its damaging effects on the intellect, people are more compliant and less likely to question authority [17].  And as mentioned before, there’s something we always have to keep in mind; the fluoride that finds its way into municipal water supplies and toothpaste is industrial waste, leftover from aluminum, fertilizer, nuclear and cement manufacturing [18] [19]. Mass fluoridation gives some of these industries a way out of having to properly and legally dispose of the lethal buildup.

While, admittedly there is no final proof of collusion between all of these groups, there is a mountain of circumstantial evidence. What cannot be denied any longer is that fluoride is wrecking our fragile ecosystems and human health.

Yet,  according to the fluoridators, we should all bathe our legitimate concerns and our brains in toxic fluorine. When we develop kidney stones, arthritis, cataracts, dementia, acne, heart disease, respiratory ailments or some other malady that has been linked to fluoride, we should should just smile and say “Look Mom–no cavities!”

For those who want to look into the history, science and politics of fluoride, I’ve included links to websites and books that I used in researching this article. In my next piece, I’ll share what I’ve found out about how we can rid our bodies of fluoride calcification, find sources of better nutrition and hydration and protect our health and longevity through reclaiming our own biochemistry.

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